Spanish Mother Who Froze Babies Not Insane

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After a Seville judge heard evidence this week in the case of a Spanish mother who froze two newborn babies, it was decided by the court that she is not insane and suffers no mental illness. It has taken four years to get to this point and Sara López, the mother, is now possibly facing a 40-year sentence if found guilty of murdering her newborn children.

Back in 2010, Francisco Huertas was cleaning the house while his wife was at work and was defrosting the chest freezer in the basement of their home.  He discovered a plastic garbage bag shoved right to the back of the freezer. Huertas told the Spanish media he almost fainted when he opened the bag and discovered the body of a baby inside. However, it was not until a few days later that he discovered that the dead baby was his.

López worked at a residential home and reportedly when she received a call to say her husband had found the frozen corpse, she told representatives at the home that she had to leave urgently and that the next day, they would find out what a monster she was.

López told the court at the initial hearing that she gave birth to the baby in the bath tub, but that the child was not breathing, so she decided to place the body in the freezer, saying that she didn’t want to forget the child or get rid of it, but that it didn’t feel right to put the dead baby in the garbage bin.

López further said her husband had threatened he would leave her if she became pregnant again, as the couple already had two children and could not afford more.  However in court, Huertas said that this was not true and that he had never threatened her with divorce proceedings.

Three weeks after the court hearing, Huertas decided to continue cleaning the freezer and to his horror, discovered a second baby’s corpse in approximately the same position as the first was found.

At the next court hearing, the judge asked the mother how it could be possible that yet another baby was found in the same freezer. At this stage, the 34-year-old Spanish mother who froze the babies said she did not know how the second baby got there, apparently trying to appear insane.

It seems López had managed to keep both pregnancies to herself, carrying the babies in such a way that her pregnancy was not evident, and was even apparently able to wear a swimming costume without people noticing her condition.

According to the forensics team in Seville both infants had died of asphyxia but they stated too much time had gone by to be able to prove conclusively that the mother had murdered the babies.

According to psychiatrists who have examined López, there is no indication that she suffers, or has suffered, any form of mental illness, even at the time the babies were killed, and doctors stressed that it was not possible for her to forget about the second pregnancy, particularly as it lasted nine months.

Now the Spanish mother who froze her two babies will have to face sentencing of up to 40 years in jail, as the court has established from doctors’ evidence that she is not insane.

By Anne Sewell


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