Taylor Swift Has ‘Bad Blood’ With a Female Star?

Taylor Swift

Social media has recently been buzzing about who Taylor Swift is referring to in her new song “Bad Blood”, which the pop star says deals with a certain female she has had some issues with. The girl’s girl recently spoke with Rolling Stone magazine about her new album 1989, among a few other things. Always being open about BFF friendships like those with Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham to name just two, it surprised some to hear that she had a dis track not aimed at an ex-boyfriend, but a fellow female singer.

The Like a Sister vocalist kept the unnamed celeb a secret, but did share her reasoning for feeling the way she felt. “For a few years, I wasn’t quite sure if her and I were friends or if we weren’t. She usually would walk up when we were at awards shows, say something, and then walk away. And all I could remember thinking was, ‘Are we like, friends, or was that just a huge insult she gave me?'” she told Rolling Stone. “And sometime last year this person did something that was really just horrible. So then my thoughts were, ‘Ok, well I guess we are just enemies then. And the crazy part is, it had nothing to do with a guy!”

Swift, who is known for airing out any bad blood with past boyfriends (like ex John Mayer on her record Dear John), is usually an advocate for sisterhood with anthems like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, but it appears that the pop star has no problem taking a female to task as well. Although she does not specifically name the artist that rubbed her the wrong way, she reveals more in the Sept. 25th issue of the magazine about what the beef entailed.

“It basically had everything to do with business,” she admitted. “She pretty much attempted to sabotage a major tour that I was a part of. Trying to hire and take away a lot of people who were already working with me. I’m really not a confrontational person, I don’t like this kind of stuff. So I’m now in a position of trying to avoid her all the way around, which needless to say is beyond awkward and doesn’t suit me very well.”

The songstress concluded the interview by expressing the fact that Bad Blood is not about an ex, and she went into her motives for recording it. The 22-year-old admits, “My goal, or intentions, were not to try and concoct some sort of gossip-frenzy, but I just wanted to apply it to people who felt they may have been betrayed before.” Not long after the mentions of a new enemy, her many fans have been scratching their heads trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious adversary.

Swift has officially stated that the Bad Blood record is about grievances with a certain female star. With names ranging from Miley Cyrus to Demi Lovato and others, someone did eventually respond on social media, without really responding. Katy Perry sent out what some of her 56 million twitter followers believe to be a subliminal response on Twitter. Taking a line from the 2004 film Mean Girls, Perry wrote “Look out for Regina George wearing sheep’s clothes…” Swift has yet to respond, subliminally or otherwise. Her album 1989 comes out on Oct. 27th.

By Theodore Borders


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