‘Frozen’ Continues to Spread Like Ice


For parents who dread having to watch the movie Frozen over and over again, it’s too bad because Frozen continues to spread like ice! That’s right, this animated show is hardly over as Disney just keeps on rolling out new ways to make profit off of this heartwarming, yet icy film.

For those who haven’t seen the movie yet it’s definitely one to check out. Since its release in the year 2013 the movie has been in the top five grossing movies of all times, with over $1.2 billion in ticket sales alone, not to mention the amount made on merchandise.

This movie strays from the traditional Disney theme where the Prince rescues the maiden and “they live happily ever after.” Instead, the movie celebrates the love between two sisters, showing that love comes in all types. The movie uses humor, wit, and a chilly theme and even has time to teach kids a lesson. It has stolen the hearts and minds of children, and even adults, across the nation. With the spread of this feature animated theme, Frozen is truly fun for everyone, something that Disney certainly exploits when thinking up new ways to make money off of it.

Since the movie’s release there have been many new attractions that has kept Frozen spreading like ice, including a Disney theme park attraction, a Disney On Ice tour, and even the introduction of the two main characters, Anna and Elsa, to the ABC family network series Once Upon a Time (though this introduction may make more money for the ABC network). Most recently, Disney has also announced the news that a new Frozen film, entitled Frozen Fever, is underway. It is no surprise that this beloved movie is finding ways to expand.

First, the theme park attraction “Frozen Summer Fun” was introduced at Florida’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios but will only be continuing through September 28. These festivities include parades, fireworks, sing-a-long shows, and areas where people can play in the ‘snow’. However, the Disney On Ice or has just recently begun, with its premier on Sept. 4 in Orlando, and is expected to go for a long time, premiering in many other cities. The show Once Upon a Time, which is now premiering Elsa and Anna in season four of the show, is set to premiere September 28.


Last but not least, the new animated series Frozen Fever is set to debut in 2015, packed with new songs, old characters, and a birthday theme.

While Frozen continues to spread like ice, the movie has also taken on many smaller roles since its release. The one that will be the most obvious in months to come is the use of Frozen themed Halloween costumes. As Disney has seen, it has been incredibly difficult to keep Frozen merchandise on the shelves and it will be no surprise if Frozen themed Halloween costumes fly off the shelves. Other roles include small-town sing-a-longs (such as the one in Liverpool), animated games, and many themed birthday parties. It just seems that no matter where people look Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven are there.

By Crystal Boulware

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