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S’mores with fruit is the new suggestion from the United States Forest Service. That’s right, their advice as part of the American Health Kick says that people should be putting fruit in their s’mores instead of chocolate. While the nation has been working to be healthier, this newest advice has many wondering if they are simply going too far.

In honor of National Marshmallow Day, on August 30, the U.S. Department of Agriculture presented a guide that showed American’s how to make s’mores the right way, the way that Americans have been doing it for many years. According to their brief guide of almost 700 words, you put a stick on a marshmallow, roast it by fire, and put it in two graham crackers with chocolate, simple enough. However, in this guide on how to make a s’more they suggested using roasted pineapple instead of chocolate and angel food cake instead of graham crackers for ways to make the s’more a healthier snack.

While some say this was merely an innocent suggestion, others say that the suggestion for alternative recipes is just another way that the government is sticking their hands into American lives.

In fact, someone involved in the government had much to say about the guide. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that the guide “perfectly captures what is wrong with our government.” His statement summarized the fact that the government should be out fighting terrorism but is instead telling Americans how to eat.

Though, s’mores with fruit could be the next American health kick as s’mores are snacks that are made with major sugar ingredients.

This is supposedly why The United States Forest Service made the suggestion, noting in their guide that the high sugar content of s’mores is why Americans should try to make the snack healthier. They even suggested that Americans use “a spreadable version of marshmallows that helps you more easily regulate portions,” like marshmallow crème. However, their biggest suggestion was to make s’mores with fruit.

According to nutrition websites the amount of calories in s’mores are not as bad as most people think. (Results greatly vary depending on which website is used) Though s’mores are made up of mostly sugar according to Spark Recipes s’mores are only around 100 calories if using one large graham cracker square (cut in half), two squares of Hershey’s candy, and one regular marshmallow (roasted). But that recipe is being well portioned and the calories in s’mores are probably not as bad as the grams of sugar in s’mores.

Setting aside the recommendation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, many groups have been trying to help Americans find ways to make the s’mores healthier without trading chocolate for fruit. Suggestions such as trading graham crackers for sweetened fiber crackers, trading Hershey’s chocolate for low fat chocolate, and other suggestions can be seen all over the web. It is no surprise to many that the government began making suggestions for healthier s’mores, though many wonder what else they will try to change.

Andrew Martin of Bloomberg Businessweek wrote, “No word on what the USDA is planning for National Peanut Butter Day, but perhaps it can finally weigh in on whether the peanut butter goes on both slices or only one.”

While pictures of s’mores with fruit have been made to look incredibly delicious, using marshmallow spread with fruit like pineapples and strawberries, Americans just can’t imagine their s’mores without the gooey chocolate in the center. With all things becoming healthier in the American health kick, s’mores with fruit could prove to be the next fad, but until then the U.S.D.A. seems to be getting many negative reviews on their suggestion.

By Crystal Boulware

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