Charlie Hunnam Reveals Nervous Breakdown Reason He Drops Christian Grey Role

Charlie Hunnam

Actor Charlie Hunnam has finally revealed that a nervous breakdown was the reason why he decided to drop the Christian Grey character, one of the top two roles in the Fifty Shades Of Grey film, which is based on the first book of the eagerly popular manuscript series.

It has been a year since he left behind one of the most sought-after film roles in recent recollection and Hunnam has spoken about just how awful it was for him to actually make such a decision. The Sons Of Anarchy star, age 34, spoke to the media on Tuesday about all the drama which surrounded the decision he made and how he had been tossed into a nosedive.

Hunnam explained how he would have been finishing up filming Sons Of Anarchy late on Friday evening, then would have had boarded a plane early Saturday and fly to Vancouver in order to start filming Fifty Shades Of Gray. He stated that he would have missed the entire first week of rehearsal and just had to dive straight into shooting that Monday morning.

He said that he was going to film that movie, wrap it up on Wednesday and then come the next Monday; he was planning to begin filming Crimson Peak in Toronto. He bluntly declared that he ended up having “frankly, something of a nervous breakdown” because of everything.

The Crimson Peak role, which Hunnam was talking about, was apparently constructed around the actor’s Sons filming schedule and it was done by the highly praised director and writer Guillermo Del Toro.

In the meantime, the enormity of fan anticipations for the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and the Christian Grey role itself began to actually hit Hunnam. He stated that he started to realize that he just could not do it and began telling himself that he couldn’t. He really believed he would be a failure and to flop on such a large scale would have been a complete disaster. He stated that would be due to the fact that Fifty Shades Of Grey is going to be huge, the movie will be massive.

He continued with saying that he just could not transform himself from being Jax Teller to Christian Grey in only 48 hours. He realized he had bitten off more than he could chew and it was very painful to admit because he loved the character and really wanted to play him.

Hunnam talked about the excitement he experienced about playing the Grey role before he dropped out. He said that he fell in love creatively. He began talking about the film and he started to get very excited. He stated he began to see the character of Grey in his mind and became intoxicated on how he would present him. Yet it was not meant to be.

However, once the role was freed by Hunnam, the juicy part was given to actor Jamie Dornan. He is an Irish actor who is perhaps most well-known for having roles in the film Marie Antoinette and the television series Once Upon A Time.

Dornan is starring with Dakota Johnson in the lust-filled romance, which ended up becoming a sensation in book form in the past few years due to mainly a passionate female base of fans. The film Fifty Shades Of Grey is scheduled is open Valentine’s Day of 2015, but Hunnam fans can catch him tonight instead when the final season of Sons Of Anarchy premieres on FX.

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