Taylor Swift Surprised Frat When Their Shake It Off Video Went Viral

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift gave a pleasant surprise to fans of hers at a Kentucky fraternity who lip dubbed a video of her hit song Shake It Off, by promising them via Twitter free tickets for themselves and their dates at an upcoming concert during next year’s tour supporting her new album 1989. The fraternity was Delta Sigma Phi of Transylvania University in Kentucky. Swift even posted a link to the video at her Facebook page.

The fraternity originally made the video not to try to get free Taylor Swift concert tickets, but to raise money for an extremely worthwhile cause. The cause that the fraternity brothers raised the money for was to help pay for leukemia treatments for Team Torsie. Torsie is someone who has been diagnosed with leukemia who the frat members would like to help out. The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity’s fund raising effort has helped raise over $3,000. Their ultimate goal is to raise $5,000.

In a tweet, Taylor Swift told the fraternity brothers that they “Nailed it.” The video went viral even before Taylor Swift’s Twitter response, but it has since skyrocketed and now has over a million views.

The Transylvania University fraternity members had no idea that their video of the Taylor Swift hit, Shake It Off, would do as well as it has been doing. They just thought it would be an entertaining way to help out someone who needed the funds urgently to defray related medical costs.

Reportedly, it did not take very long to record the video. The fraternity brothers danced and cut up all around the frat house as they were filmed and pulled off creating the viral masterpiece in just a few takes, though they did rehearse it, as well. According to one of the fraternity brothers in the video, Skyler Slone (a theater major), in an interview he and other frat members appeared in for the local news station Lex 18, they filmed the humorous video in around two hours.

The frat brothers’ version of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift depicts an attempt by one of the frat members to “shake off” a hangover he got from partying a bit too hard the night before. How does a person deal with a hangover when aspirin, alone, just will not cut it? Possibly by having a video shot about the ordeal and dancing to a number one hit song! It sure seems to have done the trick in this very cool video.

Now, other people who hear about the success that the Transylvania University of Kentucky’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity has had will, undoubtedly, want to shoot their own videos of hit songs, both to raise money and possibly to get free concert tickets as a side benefit. Who can blame them after seeing the results of the Shake It Off video done by the Delta Sigma Phi frat? Another interesting question might be “How will the frat up this video of Shake It Off┬áin the future?”

There were a ton of people in this clever and entertaining video, so it is unclear, thus far, whether Taylor Swift’s invite will include every single person in it or not; but, it was quite a nice way for her to recognize her fans and, by doing so, also help out the person who needs the funds to afford the expensive medical treatments.

Perhaps surprisingly, many members of the Kentucky frat were initially against the idea of making the Shake It Off video. Fortunately for Team Torsie and everyone who has checked the video out, they went ahead and made it, anyway. One extra benefit that the frat probably has derived is that all entering freshmen will likely want to pledge to their fraternity next year.

Taylor Swift conquered the world of country music and now, she appears to be doing the same by conquering the world of pop music. She is certainly generous to her fans, and also likes to support various charities. The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity members of Transylvania University, in Kentucky, who made the video, were surprised by Taylor Swift’s offer to give them tickets for themselves and their dates to a future concert Swift gives next year to support her 1989 album. What is even more important, though, to the fraternity members who took part in the video, is that they did it to help out someone who needed the funds to pay for leukemia treatments.

Written By Douglas Cobb

New York Daily News
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    If any of those guys would like a date to T Swift’s party, please message me:)


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