The Strain: Creatures of the Night (Recap and Review)

The Strain: Creatures of the Night (Recap and Review)

The Strain: Creatures of the Night (Recap and Review)

The small group of vampire, or strigoi, hunters finally meet up with Vassily Fet in The Strain, Creatures of the Night. Eph and his crew bump into the exterminator in a medical supply store where they hope to get UVC lights. The group break into the store and Fet stops them by pointing a gun at the four and asks who they are.

Jim Kent explains that they are there for a “legitimate medical emergency.” Vassily replies that they look like looters to him and when Eph questions the exterminator about who is he, Fet replies, “I’m a looter.” Jim leads Eph to where the UVC lights were only to find them missing.

It turns out that Vassily has taken all the lights for himself. After a little negotiation, which included Fet asking if there was a reward for turning Dr. Goodweather in to the authorities, Vassily agrees to share half of the UVC lamps that he just took from the supply store. The exterminator and Abraham talk while the rest of the group go to an all night gas station/convenience store for supplies.

The shop has three customers, a bread delivery man and storeclerk inside and things are going slowly because the credit card machines are not working. Setrakian notices some of the vampires moving in on the convenience store and goes on the attack with his silver sword and his nail gun.

As he takes one of the strigoi out, another moves in and Vassily take the creature out with his rebar. The exterminator, who has been calling Abraham “grandpa,” expresses admiration at his use of the nail gun. As the vampires mount up in number, Jim goes back in the store and starts hooking UVC lamps up to repulse the monsters. Kent attacks one of the vampires with a lamp and after he has driven it to the ground another one strikes him with its “tongue.”

Vassily and Abraham have a talk and the exterminator asks about the nail gun, specifically where the older man got his. Setrakian pauses for a moment and then says, “Home Depot.” The two men then introduce themselves and a friendship/allegiance appears to be formed between them. Abraham and Eph get into another argument about how killing The Master will stop the “plague” from progressing.

One of the occupants in the store, the bread delivery man, decides to make a break for his van and one of the female customers opts to go with him. The vampires attack and get the delivery man in seconds and the blonde woman who went with him barely makes it back to the store.

In The Strain: Creatures of the Night Jim’s small wound has let one of the parasitic worms into his system. Eph and Nora operate to remove the worm from the flesh on Kent’s face using a box cutter, tweezers and a bottle of whiskey. While Kent screams in pain, the strigoi surround the gas station/store.

To the group’s considerable dismay, the creatures are getting smarter. Learning to use tools and creating distractions so that other vampires can attack. The number of creatures surrounding the store increases and some climb on the roof while another shuts the power off to the place.

The group now have to use batteries to power the UVC lamps, this works, but for the short term only. The vampires begin breaking into the vehicle repair bay behind the store and the group have to abandon the van that Fet put a new tire on.

As they work out the limited amount of time the lamps have left, the creatures outside begin trying to break through the roof. Eph expresses his dismay at how fast the vampires are learning and he asks if they will be as smart as Eichorst. Setrakian explains the strigoi have a hierarchy and that “Eichorst is one of the chosen” and therefore different from the rest.

While the group work to escape the store, Eph sees another worm under the skin on Jim’s face. Lifting his friend’s shirt from his back Nora highlights the area with a UVC lamp and Kent’s back is full of the parasitic creatures. Jim says that they “must” kill him. Goodweather refuses and when Setrakian goes to take his silver sword out, Eph stops him.

Vassily takes a gun out of the doctor’s pocket and shoots Kent in the head, killing him. Eph and Nora react badly to this turn of events and after some argument the group finally attempt their escape. Armed with the battery operated UVC lamps, some molotov cocktails and their silver weapons they put some gas into buckets to burn and repel the vampires long enough for them to get into the delivery van.

They barely escape and in The Strain: Creatures of the Night, the little group, now minus Jim, drive off into the night. In this week’s episode the vampire hunters have gained and lost one member. There was, however, one slight “glitch” in the program. After ascertaining that the phone lines were obviously down, the clerk says that the “lottery machine, credit card machine and 911 are all down.” If that is the case, how did Vassily get the credit card approved in the gas pump? Perhaps pumps do not rely on phone lines, or perhaps the writers forgot the lines were down. Regardless of just what happened there, The Strain continues to entertain with “edge of the seat” tension.

By Michael Smith



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