The Strain Season One Penultimate Episode (Recap and Review)

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The Strain Season One Penultimate Episode (Recap and Review)

The Strain season one penultimate episode begins with Eldritch Palmer waiting in pain and fear for The Master to show up and grant his wish for immortal life as a strigoi. Abraham Setrakian is reacting badly to the group’s failure to kill the vampire leader under the subway. Zach says nothing of his little adventure while looking after Nora’s mother. Setrakian speaks to the heart in the jar in his basement and remembers his first encounter with The Master.

Thinking back he remembers buying a horse after which he goes to tell his wife Miriam that he is close to the strigoi monster and Abraham tells her of his plans. Miriam pleads with Setrakian to be careful. Back in the present Nora goes to comfort Abraham and sees the heart he keeps in the jar, she asks questions until he yells at Martinez to leave him alone.

Gus visits Alonzo Creem, chop-shop owner and fellow crook and Eph questions the breakdown that Setrakian went through in the subways and Vasiliy tells him that he is overreacting. Velders the computer hacker comes back to the pawnshop with a plan for Goodweather to warn the general populace about the strigoi threat. When she tells the doctor that she has a plan, Eph tells Velders he needs a win, she then replies that she has a win.

Velder’s tells Eph that he needs her, after he reminds the hacker that she broke the Internet. Velders explains that the emergency broadcast frequency on TV and radio can be accessed and she knows how to do it. Goodweather complains that he is a fugitive and that no one will listen, Velders tells him to use his notoriety to get the message across.

Gus and Alonzo travel to Creem’s office and Abraham naps in the basement. He dreams of his first attempt to confront and kill The Master at a derelict castle in Europe. In the time travelling dream he lowers himself down a dry well to enter the vampire’s lair. Once he finds the lair, one of the strigoi remind him of just how far from home, and Miriam, Abraham is. Setrakian rushes back to the well and Eichorst has taken the rope that Abraham used to get down, the former Nazi then leaves.

In the penultimate episode of season one of The Strain Vasiliy Fet and Velders bond while she sets up the hardware to connect to the broadcast system. Eph has to write a “speech” in order to get as much information as possible over the air before the signal is lost. Velders tells the doctor he has around 40 seconds to deliver his message. Gus and Alonzo arrive at the chop shop owner’s office at the docks and gus takes weapons and money from the man.

Dr. Goodweather wants to make the transmission in the morning and Velders explains that interrupting the night shift at the local stations will give them some extra air time. Abraham comes in to explain his meltdown and to apologise for his earlier behaviour. After Setrakian’s apology, Eph delivers his message over the emergency broadcast signal and shows his autopsy photographs as well. Before he can finish his message the signal is broken.

Seconds after they realize that they succeeded in spreading the word, the infected rockstar Gabriel Bolivar attacks Mrs. Martinez as other vampires enter the upstairs portion of the shop. Eichorst brings more vampires to the front of Setrakian’s establishment/home and the survivors escape down into the basement. Meanwhile Gus and Alonzo go to open a container on the docks and strigoi come out to attack the two men. The vampire assassins who seem to be on the side of the humans come up to save the men and take Gus away.

As the penultimate episode of The Strain ended, the group escape through an exit in the meatlocker, Abraham remembers how he got the heart in the jar and Nora must kill her mother with a silver sword. As the smaller group “arm up” as Fet puts it, they leave a lot of the weapons behind, just as Setrakian must leave his wife’s vampire heart behind. Eldritch Palmer, who has a somewhat different fate in the books, is finally rewarded for all his work for The Master. It remains to be seen just how effective Eph’s message to the public has been. The season one finale of The Strain will air next Sunday.

By Michael Smith