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“In my lifetime, I have come to understand that there are three ways for a person to disappear. The first is to die, the second is to lie and the last is to be reborn. It was after my former husband’s death, six months ago, that my transformation began. I made my peace with those who have wronged me and with those who I have wronged. No one more so, than Emily Thorne.” Victoria Grayson

Season 4 premiere of Revenge was highly anticipated and once again, the creators of the show did a remarkable job with an explosive opening of a new season. The Renaissance episode began with Victoria, who is still in the mental hospital. It looks like she has a friend in there, at least until a new patient arrives. As Vicky compliments her elegance, her friend attacks her. Meanwhile, Emily seems to be enjoying her new role as the owner of Grayson Manor. Along with Nolan, she is organizing a big party and it looks like she has given up on her revenge.

In a remote cabin, David Clarke is planning his comeback. He thanks his friend for everything and says that he is headed to the Hamptons because he has some unfinished business there.

Daniel is not a part of Margaux’s life anymore. He is partying with other girls and he is no longer Margaux ‘s second-in-command after quitting his job. Jack joined the police force and is now a cop. When he is asked why he joined the force, Jack replies that it is good for his soul, since he saw too many people getting away with murder.

Emily is seriously enjoying her new life style. Maybe a little too much, since she obviously does not know how to drive her new car. As a result, she hits a car and Ems tries to take care of the situation calmly. She invites Nancy, the owner of the car she hit, to her party at Grayson Manor. Emily tells Nancy to bring the estimate of the damage cost to the party and she will write her a check there.

In the meantime, Jack comes to his bar and Charlotte is there with little Carl. Porter is angry and scared, because Charlotte took Carl from daycare without telling him about it. However, this was her way of reminding Jack that she did not forget about him kidnapping her.

Back in the mental hospital, Victoria is dealing with people who actually belong there. Suddenly, her friend joins her on the sofa and tells Vicky that her plan succeeded. When the two of them got into the fight earlier, it was only a camouflage so that they could steal a phone from an orderly.

Emily is having a pleasant conversation with a couple from the Hamptons Yacht Club, who lost their previous boat in an accident and now have a new one. They will present the yacht at the party later and just as they are talking about the name for the yacht, a phone call breaks the conversation. Emily answers and Victoria is on the other end. At first, Vicky is shocked when she learns that Emily is now the owner of the manor, but then she begs Emily for help. However, Emily remains strong and tells Vicky that she is exactly where she belongs.

Jack pays Emily a visit and tells her what Charlotte did. He admits that he was thinking about joining the police force when Amanda died and when his brother was murdered, but he decided to wait when he found out who Emily really is. She then tells him that he did not have to put his life on hold because of her and admits that she only stayed in Hamptons because of Charlotte, since she is the only family she has.

Daniel and Charlotte have no idea that their mother is in the mental hospital. She keeps sending them postcards and they believe that she ditched them. Charlotte then asks her brother for money, because she needs to pay her rent. Instead, Daniel invites her to come live with him.

As Victoria comes to her room, she discovers that the new patient is now her roommate. Her name is Louise and she brought a big box full of personal belongings with her. Victoria tells her that sooner or later, they will take all of these things away from her, so she should enjoy them while she still can. However, judging by the look on her face, Vicky has a plan with this big box.

Grayson Manor is now in Emily’s possession and she settled down quite well. She obviously took Victoria’s room and is now the one who is watching the Hamptons from the big balcony. As she looks down and sees her old house, Emily is remembering her moments with Aiden. She thinks that someone is in the house, so she heads down there to check. As she enters, she takes a look at the fireplace and remembers the moment when she found Aiden dead on the sofa. It looks like nobody is in the house and Emily leaves. However, the moment she closes the door, David Clarke comes out of his hiding place.

The party at the Grayson Manor has started and soon Nancy arrives. Emily gives her a check and Nancy apologizes for behaving so rudely before. She tells Emily that she lost her fiancé and it seems like the two of them have something in common. Nolan makes an impressive entrance with some guys who bring him inside and he is sitting on a sofa. He tells people that the Hamptons now have a new queen with a new sofa. Charlotte also comes to the party and when she speaks with Emily, she tells her that Vicky was right when she said that Emily only wants the Manor and Grayson’s lifestyle. Charlotte came to the party with Gideon, who apparently brought her back into the world of drugs. Jack and his partner find Charlotte on the balcony, sniffing. However, Jack asks his partner not to arrest her and orders Charlotte to leave peacefully.

In the meantime, an orderly takes Louise’s big box and puts it away. However, as he closes the door, Vicky’s friend comes out of that box. She triggers the fire alarm and Victoria is walking down the hall in an elegant, hidden dress under an umbrella. She manages to leave the hospital and poor Louise is begging for her help.

Back at the party, the couple from the Yacht Club is about to reveal their new boat, which is named Jennifer. When they uncover the yacht, there is another name written on it. It says Valerie, not Jennifer. The poor woman freaks out and in front of everybody, she admits that her husband killed Nancy’s fiancé. Nolan realizes that this was Emily’s plan all along, from the moment she hit Nancy’s car. Ems runs after Nancy, who tells her that no matter what happens, nothing can bring back the people we love. As Emily returns to the Manor, Nolan tells her that he is angry because she is shutting him out and she is scaring him. He says that she has become a revenge addict and he threatens to tell everyone who Emily Thorne really is. Emily replies that everyone who Amanda loved is dead because the Grayson family killed them, leaving her nothing to go back to. She says that this is all she has and Nolan realizes that this is the reason why she cannot let go of Emily Thorne.

Margaux and Daniel finally find some time to talk and she asks him about the night he spent with the redhead. He tells her that they were partying and that he must have passed out. When he woke up, she was dead due to an overdose. Daniel was worried what this might do to him and to the company, so he took care of it. He tells Margaux that Gideon was also there when the girl died and that he blackmailed him with the photos from the crime scene. He also says that Gideon was the one who forced Daniel out of LeMarchal. Daniel panicked and this was exactly what Gideon wanted. Margaux is wondering if her brother planned all of this and Daniel tells her that he is done with Gideon. However, he will probably change his mind, since Gideon brought his little sister back into the world of drugs.

Later that night, Emily calls Nolan and she apologizes. She tells him that at first, she empathized with Nancy because she thought that she was like her. However, Ems realized that nobody is like her. Nolan agrees and tells her that she is a snowflake – a unique, bloodthirsty snowflake. However, Emily is afraid that she does not know who she is without this blood thirst. Someone rings at the door and Emily says goodbye to her friend. Ems opens the door and she is clearly surprised by Victoria standing right in front of her. Vicky tells Emily that things could have been different if she only decided to take another path besides revenge. However, the ex-queen of the Hamptons tells Emily that it is now her time for revenge. Emily closes the door and Victoria leaves. However, after only a few steps, David Clarke approaches her from behind and his face is the last thing that Vicky sees before she faints.

Just as the Season 3 finale left Revenge viewers with high expectations, the Season 4 premiere truly was a remarkable comeback of the show. Victoria escaped from the mental hospital, David Clarke is back in the Hamptons, Emily is now the owner of Grayson manor and Jack is a policeman. With all that, we can assume that it is going to be another great season of Revenge. However, one of the most anticipated moments is most certainly the reunion of Amanda and David.

Opinion by Janette Verdnik

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    When does season 4 come on Netflix?

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    Nice read, great first episode for Revenge!


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