The Strain: The Third Rail (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

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The Strain: The Third Rail (Recap and Review)

In The Strain: The Third Rail Setrakian and his little team of strigoi hunters are starting to slowly gel as a cohesive unit. Neither Vasiliy Fet or Eph Goodweather will be the best of friends or the president of the other’s fanclub but they are learning to work together. At the start of the episode, Fet is testing the UVC bulbs and the experiment goes up in flames. Eph recommends making the bulbs fluctuate like a strobe and when Vasiliy makes a joke in agreement the doctor gets angry. The exterminator explains that he likes the the strobe idea which calms Goodweather down.

Nora is at her wits end dealing with her mother’s alzheimer’s as the woman continues to lose her grasp on what is going on around her. At one point the Mrs. Martinez says that Abraham has a dark soul and Nora is horrified. She tells Setrakian that her mother is wrong and the old vampire hunter tells the woman that her mother is actually correct in her assumption.

Gus goes home to look for his mother. He finds his brother standing in front of the television, now infected and hungry. He goes for Gus who fights him off and kills him with a baseball bat. Gus then sits down frustrated and worried about his mother. Eph continues to have small doubts about Abraham and The Master. Goodweather tells Nora that both Fet and Setrakian are flawed in their approach to dealing with the strigoi. Abraham gives Jim Kent’s knife to Nora and in what must count as the world’s worst decision ever, Eph leaves Zach in charge of Mrs. Martinez.

As the little team go to find The Master’s lair, Nora’s mother gets steadily worse and begins to panic as she runs out of cigarettes and misses her daughter. As her condition worsens the boy continues to tell her that Nora will take care of her when she gets back. In The Strain: The Third Rail the team of vampire hunters still need to learn how to work together and Zach takes his life in his own hands when he goes on a cigarette run for Mrs. Martinez.

Gus finds his mother at last and upon discovering that she is infected he finally breaks down in tears. Nora’s mother calms down after Zach tells her that he will get her more cigarettes. The team of strigoi hunters in The Strain get to the subway armed with their battery power UVC lamps and Vasiliy’s UVC bulb “bombs.”

Fet reminds the group to avoid the third rail in the subways and they find a large amount of infected nesting in the tunnels. Gus gets a visit from his newly turned mother and he leaves the apartment rather than kill her. In the subway tunnels, after the group almost get run down by a train, Fet and Goodweather continue to pick at one another till Abraham tells them to knock it off. They stop to watch a vampire get killed by the deadly third rail.

Zach makes it to the store and once he is inside a young couple come in to loot the place for food and provisions. The boy hides in the shop’s basement where he sees a strigoi. After dropping his phone he scrambles up a loading ramp. He bumps into the young couple who are attacked by the basement vampire. As Zach rushes out he meets Gus who tells the boy to, “Vamoose.”

Abraham’s group come across a smaller tunnel that they must crawl through on their stomachs. Eph can hear Kelly speaking to him and despite Setrakian yelling at him the doctor is lost to her call. Vasiliy has to crawl through the small tunnel and almost gets caught. He joins Nora on the other side and Eph finds The Master’s coffin.

In The Strain: The Third Rail Eph finally learns the true power of The Master and Vasiliy Fet manages to hurt the creature with his UVC strobe “bomb.” Zach brings back the cigarettes for Mrs. Martinez who is very grateful. As Eph’s son practices with a silver knife, the woman smokes and cries. After a brief argument Abraham destroys the monster’s coffin and they try to track it down. The group discover an area with hundreds, if not thousands, of infected. Despite this horrifying find, they have to drag Setrakian away. With only one more episode left before the season finale things look to be pretty desperate for the band of hunters.

By Michael Smith