The Vampire Diaries Releases Season Six Premiere Synopsis

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries has released the synopsis for premiere episode of season six. It gives very little away, but it certainly covers the lives of more than just the typical Elena, Stefan and Damon. There are no hints about whether Bonnie and Damon will come back to life as of yet, except for the spoilers that Ian Somerhalder often gives on Instagram.

While the synopsis starts with Elena’s self-destructive path to try deal with Damon’s death, it moves onto Caroline. She is working on a way to get back to her home town, where her mother still presumably lives. At the end of season five, traveller magic wiped out all witch magic, meaning that vampires, hybrids and all other creatures that were created by witch magic cannot exist. It has left Elena, Caroline, Stefan and Alaric banned from their original home.

Speaking of Alaric, he is back and coping with life after death; and without his old drinking buddy Damon. He has to deal with being a vampire now, and meets a doctor called Jo. It seems like he will get a love interest this season. Many fans will admit that it would be time for him, considering his last love interest (Elena’s Aunt Jenna) died at the end of season two.

Some of the scenes will still happen in Mystic Falls. The Vampire Diaries newly released synopsis for its season six premiere mentions Tyler, Matt and Jeremy. Matt is enjoying a magic-free life; at least for the time-being. However, he is clearly worried about his friend, Jeremy. The younger Gilbert was dating Bonnie in season five, and is now struggling to deal with her death. It appears he may go back to the drug addiction ways of his character back in season one.

For Tyler, he needs to get used to being human with a dormant werewolf gene again. He was killed after being forced into a witch magic-free Mystic Falls, but his vampire side was destroyed first, so died as a human. His anger issues are back and he will have to learn to control them if he wants to avoid dealing with being a werewolf.

All The Vampire Diaries characters believe that Stefan is off looking for some way to save his brother. However, it appears that that is not the case. Just a few weeks ago, Julie Plec admitted that Stefan was off working at a new job. He was leaving Mystic Falls behind him and moving on without his brother. It seems like he did not bother telling anyone about this, and Elena will be shocked and likely angry when she finds out what he is doing.

As for Damon and Bonnie, time will tell. The show runners are not giving anything away. Somerhalder keeps posting spoilers to show that Damon is around for season six, but that is all for now. Will they find a way to bring him and Bonnie back? Or will they finally have to say goodbye to main characters? Those are still burning questions for fans, especially after the release of the synopsis for The Vampire Diaries season six premiere.

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