Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo May Quit Acting

Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy, has announced that she may quit acting. The star of the show states that she just no longer sees herself as an actress, and no longer feels that strong desire to keep going. However, she will continue until her time on the hit medical show is up.

Those who are worried about never seeing her in the limelight again will not need to worry. She has spoken about moving into the behind-the-scenes work. She wants to direct and produce, and has set up production company Calamity Jane to follow that dream. One of her first projects will be a show based on a novel called Debt, which will run on ABC Family.

Pompeo explained that acting isn’t fun anymore. She wants to be able to turn a book or idea into something else. It is time for her to be the creative mind, rather than the one following the script.

She has certainly enjoyed a successful acting career. Her most famous role is Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy, which she has played for the last 10 seasons. The show is currently going into the 11th season, and she has signed up for a 12th season. She has not confirmed whether she will play the part any longer after that. There are doubts that the show could even continue if the actress chooses to leave. After all, it was originally about her character and the new season is going back to that root.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, Pompeo, has admitted that she has been successful in her own eyes. There is no longer the need to prove that she can act. While she may not have acted in movies or won Oscars, she is extremely happy with her accomplishments. Her show is currently shown in almost 100 countries around the world, and is the longest-running for executive producer Shonda Rhimes.

Now she wants to challenge herself and do something different. That means working behind the camera for now. However, she is certainly not ruling out coming back to acting in the future. There is no point in saying that she is retiring, and then find that she would like to give acting another go. It is difficult to predict feelings in the future, and she may change her mind about being successful in a few years.

The 44-year-old actress does not look back over her years and regret her decisions. She is thankful for all the opportunities she has had, and has enjoyed the last 11 years on the screens of many around the world. It is an accomplish that nobody can take away from her. All she wants now is to be able to prove to herself that she can do something else.

It will be a disappointment for many, who have enjoyed seeing her on the screen as Meredith Grey. Some fans will have looked forward to seeing her in other roles once this one was finished. However, Pompeo has decided that she may quit acting once she has finished as the star on Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. Anne Sewell   September 12, 2014 at 5:54 am

    I’ve always enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy… as long as she stays to the end of that series, I wish her well. 🙂


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