‘The Voice’: Blind Auditions Part Three [Video]

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Tonight, in the Blind Auditions Part Three, the three judges on The Voice will continue forming their teams with some of the most talented singers from all across America. It will be interesting to see if the judges start becoming more picky, trying to get the very best performers there are to complete their teams tonight. That strategy could work, but it could also backfire, with a fantastic singer potentially slipping through their fingers.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the Blind Auditions Part Three by introducing the judges and saying how many team members each one currently has at the start of the episode. Pharrell has 5 team members, Blake has 4, Gwen has 4 vocalists, and Adam has just 3 so far.

John Martin is the first performer of the night. He is a forklift operator in Chicago, Illinois. He did not graduate from college because his dad lost his job and he moved back home to support him. He played the guitar as he sang Sweet Pea. He has a very melodic, cool voice. Blake turned his chair around first for him. Blake seemed like he was really getting into the song. Then, Gwen turned her chair, followed by Pharrell.

Blake said “Well, I really don’t know for sure, but I feel this guy is a real good-lookin’ man,” he said, after some women in the audience cheered and screamed for him. There is something so cool an laid back about what you do. These other two are two short for you, way too short.”

Pharrell agreed, saying “You have a really good voice. Your identity came through”

Gwen: “Your voice is so delicious, so creamy. You’re the total package.”

Adam said “I usually do everything in my power to try to betray Blake, but this might be the first time ever that I say Blake might really be good for you.”

Blake asked him what kind of music John Martin liked to sing, and he said “Cheesy love music, I guess.”

Gwen said “That’s the kind of music I like!”

John Martin: I’m really flattered, you guys. But, I choose Blake.”

Jessie Pitts, 18, from Alabama, is the second to perform on The Voice. She relates that when she was younger, she got third-degree burns after boiling water from eggs splashed on her face.

She said “I would be honored if anyone would turn around, because I would get to learn from the best of the best.” The second she began singing, Gwen hit her button and turned her chair. Jessie sang The Story. She has a beautiful, unique voice. Right after Gwen turned, Blake did the same. Adam appears to be waiting….

Gwen: “I loved your voice! It was like an angel!”

Pharrell: “The yodeling thing that you do — it’s amazing!”

Blake said “That was my wedding song. Your voice is like a bowlful of Lucky Charms, marshmallows only.”

Jessie said “Thank you all for listening. I would love to work with you both, but I think I’m going to chose Gwen!”

Gwen told the camera “I’m starting to realize that Blake and I like the same kinds of voices. who would have thought?”

The third singer up on The Voice will also be accompanying himself on the fiddle.He is Michael Stein, 62, and he is a “cantor,” a singer for the Jewish faith. He said that he “works with the kids.” He has a country service, a Jazz service, and a rock service. He played fiddle with the U.S. Navy. He has played in front of several presidents.

He played The Devil Went Down to Georgia note-for-note as he sang. He was freakin’ AMAZING! Nobody was turning their chairs, though he was doing a great job!

Blake said “I just would have liked to have heard you sing a song with a greater range.”

Pharrell agreed with Blake. Gwen said that she thought his personality came through fine, but she still did not hit her button and turn her chair around.

Ricky Manning performed fourth on The Voice. He played the guitar and sang on the streets. He is living with his dad, who said “I’d be shocked if he doesn’t get a chair to turn around.”

Ricky said “That coaches have so much to teach, and I want to be the one to soak it up.”

He sang Love Me Again. He has a terrific voice, with a lot of range to it. Pharrell turned his chair first, then Blake followed suite. Pharrell stood up to applaud him.

Pharrell said “What made me hit the button was your runs are consistent all of the time.”

Blake said “you have something inside of you that comes out in your singing.”

Pharrell: “You’re going to kill everything — you know I can bring it out. but, so can Blake. The cool thing about the show is you definitely have a place on one of our teams.”

Ricky: “The coach that I’m going to pick is — Pharrell.”

Adam said he had wished he had turned around, and said Pharrell’s great.

After a commercial break, we saw a few singers perform, but nobody chose them. Adam still has not selected a team member tonight.

Kell Douglas, a single mother, performed next on The Voice. She said that she taught Middle School for six years but did not feel fulfilled and wanted to pursue a career in music. Her son’s name is Alexander.

“This is make or break for me, and I’m just going to have to do it,” she said. The sang she sang was the classic Danny’s Song. Adam turned his chair around FINALLY. Kelly has a very pretty, lovely voice. Gwen told Blake “I want to hear more.”

Then, Gwen turned her chair, as did Blake!

Gwen said “You are so cute! Look how cute you are!” She said she lived in Dallas, Texas, which Blake loved to hear.

Adam told her “We’ll work through your nervousness.”

Gwen told her “I love your voice, the raspiness. I don’t have anyone like you; I would love you to be on my team.”

Blake said “Your voice is mysterious to me, but you have that Texas thing about your voice, the quick breaks.”

Pharrell told her it is time to pick a coach. She said “I’m gonna go with my heart. I’m gonna go with Adam.” Adam stood up and walked over and hugged her. He said “I want to give her that sense of confidence, and strength.”

Kelly said that she picked Adam “because he seemed so genuine with his comments.”

The next performer, Blessing Offor, was born blind in his left eye and was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma in his right eye. He said he was shot with water from a water gun when he was nine, and it detached the retina. He totally lost his sight in that eye by the time he was 11. He told Carson Daly “Dude, I want to write songs every day.”

He said “I love soul music, but as funny as it may sound, I’d love to have Blake turn around.”

He sang Just the Two of Us and played the keyboards. The audience cheered him on. He was fantastic! Nobody turned until at the end, when suddenly Pharrell, Blake, Gwen and Adam turned.

Adam said “I’ve got some good news for you. We all turned.”

Blessing told Blake he went to school in Nashville. Gwen told her she loved Blessing’s voice because it reminded her of Pharrell’s voice. Adam told Blessing that there was a lot of electricity in the room when he sang, and added that Blessing “had a lot of passion in his voice.”

Pharrell said “I know a couple of things about mixing genres.”

Blake told him that he was “plugged into that Nashville songwriting community.”

Gwen asked him who he would pick as a coach. The Voice went to a commercial break before he answered, but he seemed like he might be leaning towards being on Team Blake.

After a commercial break, Blessing chose Pharrell! Blake said “Selfishly, I wish he would have gone with me, but Pharrell’s probably the perfect choice.”

Blessing said he picked Pharrell because of his “great track record.”

The next artist was Troy Ritchie. He can do various impersonations of cartoon voice like Stewie Griffin and Cleveland Brown. He said “My first choice of coaches would be Pharrell, because I think we would vice together well.”

He played the guitar and sang Out of My League. He has a very cool, lively, pop-sounding voice. Gwen turned her chair around, but she was the only coach to do so. She said “I don’t have a lot of guys on my team. We’re stuck together — you don’t have any choice.” That is because she was the only coach to turn around. “This is going to be so much fun,” she added.

Pharrell told him he had “such a strong voice,” and that he would fit in great with Team Gwen. Troy liked the cool shirt Gwen gave him and said he would wear it.

Cole Wilkinson 16, got to show off his voice on The Voice next, singing Classic. It had a very Jackson 5 feel to it. He sang really, really well — like the lead singer of a boy band. However, no judge turned around for him.

Blake asked him his name and how old he was and where he lived. Blake said “You’re definitely an entertainer.” Gwen said “You’re totally cute, you have a great style–“

Pharrell told him he should come back next year. Gwen said he “was the full package.”

Mia Perdman, 18, sang next on The Voice. She said that her parents sang and that she went to a community college. “I would absolutely love to work with Pharrell,” she said. “I think if I got a chair to turn around, it wold be almost like me living out their dream. she sang Unconditionally. What a beautiful song, and awesome performance! Blake had his fingers on his button, but Adam turned around first. The, finally, all four judges turned around!

Blake said “Maybe there wasn’t as much finesse, but the fact you could do a live performance of that song was incredible.”

Adam said “What is really interesting is the moments that were spectacular were world-class spectacular.”

Gwen told her “When I was your age, I was trying to find myself, too.”

Pharrell said “You sang like this was your one-and-only moment.”

Gwen: “How much fun can we have?”

Mia said she had thought she knew who she wanted to work with, but now she was not sure. “Oh, my gosh — I pick Adam!” she said. She had thought she was going with Pharrell, but she changed her mind. Adam said the song “showed her range as a singer.”

Adam also chose Alessandro Castronovo while Pharrell chose Jordy Searcy. Blake picked up Kensington Moore. These three singers were not seen during the show except in passing.

Coming up, after more commercials, was Bree Fondacaro. Carson went to visit her at her house. she said she came from a very musical family. Her parents have been married 36 years. “I’ve been gigging locally for about 8 years, but this opportunity would give me so much exposure.” She sang It Ain’t Me Babe. Incredible voice! She made the song her own, and had the audience clapping along as she sang. Blake turned his chair around — the only coach to do so.

Gwen said she “was so close to pushing her button.” She said she was from “Orange County, California,” and Gwen said that is where she was from, also.

Adam called Blake “an awesome coach,” and said she was “very, very lucky.”

Blake: “You’re completely unique and fit in wonderfully with my team.”

The final performer of the evening on The Voice was Anita Antoinette from the third season of The Voice. She sang a Reggae song then. This time, she hopes to do better and get at least one judge to hit his or her button. Anita said she would be singing Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley. “This could be my last chance to be great,” she said before she took the stage and sang.

Gwen and Blake turned their chairs around. Blake saw Adam about to push his button and said “No, no, no!” but Adam still turned his chair.

Anita did GREAT! She really came back in style, getting all of the judges to turn their chairs around.

Gwen said “I need that cute voice on my team! I loved it, I loved it! I am a fan!”

Adam said “I have a special place in my heart for the own and only Tessanne Chin, who was on my team and was from Jamaica and won it all.’

Gwen: “I loved you”

Blake told her he was a country artist, and country artists love to tell stories. just like she seems to do.

Gwen “If you don’t pick me, I’ll steal you away, eventually.”

Adam asked her “Who do you pick as your coach?”

She said “This is so hard! I pick Gwen.” She had thought she would go with Adam, but said that she “formed a connection with Gwen at that moment.”

Gwen was pleased with herself, saying “I finally won my first 4-chair turn.”

The Blind Auditions on The Voice will continue tomorrow night. The teams are filling up, and the coaches are doing whatever they can to convince contestants to chose their team to be on.

There were a lot of very talented performers singing tonight on The Voice. Blessing Offor’s performance, for example, would have to be included as one of the show’s highlights. Another of the many highlights would have to be that of Anita Antoinette singing the Bob Marley classic, Turn Your Lights Down Low. Kelli Douglas and John Martin also gave some powerful performances, and either one of them could be hard to beat. Please leave any comments below and tune in tomorrow to watch another night of The Voice!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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