Tyler Perry Proudly Awaits Arrival of His First Child [Video]

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Tyler Perry Proudly Awaits the Arrival of His First Child

Tyler Perry is excited for the opportunity of fatherhood. The entertainment mogul and his girlfriend are anxiously awaiting their child’s arrival. This may be news to the rest of the world but Tyler’s on and off again girlfriend is reportedly about seven or eight months along. The proud mother of the 45-year-old’s first offspring is 28-year-old Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele.

Last year Tyler predicted he would “probably” be a dad by age 45.  At that time, the multi-film director was on the Steve Harvey Show talking about his movie Single Moms when Steve asked him about being a parent; it seems the filmmaker got it right. The news has been confirmed, Tyler is elated and ready to tackle dirty diapers. One source close to the father-to-be said:

He will make a wonderful father. You will never find a more loving, patient, honorable or decent man than Tyler Perry. Any child would be blessed to have him as a father.

In early 2013, Tyler told Steve he was not ready to be a father because he was so busy, but added with certainty, “When the time is right, I know I will be a great father.” Tyler has not stopped working since he became a household name. Steve did not hesitate to tell the movie director that he would be 60-years-old when his child turns 15 and Tyler jokingly replied, “I will just have to hire somebody to take him to the basketball court.” He told the talk show host:

I don’t want to work this hard, I don’t want to have all this and not leave it to my children. I also know that as hard as I’m working, doing 20 hours a day, now is not the time … Eventually I’ll get there.Tyler Perry Proudly Awaits the Arrival of His First Child

Reportedly Tyler and his baby’s mother are not engaged and there has been no public conversation from Tyler on whether the couple will tie the knot. A few years ago when the media mogul was questioned about marriage he was not sure he would be a great husband. At the time Mr. Perry felt he was too busy to settle down.

Tyler said with his kind of work ethic, he might not be the best candidate for a husband. Although he was not certain about the type of husband he would be, he emphasized how confident he was in his ability to be a great dad.  The actor stated:

I don’t know so much about marriage as much as I do know that I’d be a great father. I’m working really, really hard right now. I want to focus… I don’t want to do it wrong.

The man who has successfully sired multiple media empires and has been named by Forbes as the highest paid man in entertainment over the last decade is now ready for a more personal inclusion to his list of achievements. Tyler is the successful creator of the “Madea” franchise that many either love, or love to hate. He is also the mastermind behind several television shows which are shown on Oprah Winfrey’s network weekly.

Tyler Perry is excited to be a father. The If Loving You is Wrong creator revealed his exciting news during the celebration of his 45th birthday. Tyler and his girlfriend, Gelila, have been on and off for the past five years. Only time will tell if the baby will solidify their relationship, but for now they could not be happier together as they await their child’s arrival.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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