What’s Got Gwen Stefani Feeling Hella Good?


From classic iconic punk rock frontman to crossover solo superstar, from bombshell fashionista to knockout fashion designer, Gwen Stefani has, with an unapologetically unique flare, rocked many hats and is feeling hella good do it. Now add a fancy red chair among the likes of Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton – one that spins 180 degrees at the press of a button – and she adapts with ease and astounds which is what Stefani does best.

Stefani takes the stage in a new way – one that most celebrities are learning is a career revitalizer, if not booster – that makes longtime fans of hers run to tune in to the seventh season of The Voice. After signing a contract deal with NBC, the eclectic music veteran got to work revitalizing the show with her signature charm. On the Monday night’s premiere, she delivered showing off both style and substance as she performed No Doubt’s hit, Hella Good (from their Rocksteady album released in 2001) with fellow coaches and subsequently won over aspiring singers to join Team Gwen.

And she deserves every right to be there. During the premiere, in an a successful attempt to woo over a contestant, Stefani boldly states having had a longer career than her counterparts, to which Levine counters with a remark about becoming a fan of hers at the age of five. Clearly joking, Levine nonetheless makes a valid point: the former punk rocker has remained both successful and relevant for over two and a half decades finding success in the early nineties with band, No Doubt, and as a reinvented solo artist in 2004 before launching a fashion line and becoming a Cover Girl. All the while, she’s kept family a priority.

Perhaps taking a cue from Shelton who, a few seasons back, collaborated with wife Miranda Lambert on the show, Stefani has, too, elected to bring on husband and Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale, as an advisor. Like Shelton and Lambert, who often are the subjects of rumored celebrity splits, Stefani and Rossdale combat similar headlining gossip. However, their first-time collaboration outside of parenthood should do well to put the uncorroborated rumors to rest.

She does, nonetheless, admit to fighting with her husband one night before a taping for suffering a “freak-out” when considering the load she assumed signing on as judge. While some may regard this as Gwen Stefani not feeling so hella good, most know that this entrepreneurial powerhouse can carry a full load. She admits to calming later and having fun with her husband in their new task of cultivating the next winner of The Voice. So is she overwhelmed or just getting started?

Just getting started is the answer. Saturday, Stefani was in Los Angeles shooting a music video for her fourth solo album when Rossdale and their six-year-old son, Zuma, came to visit her on set accompanied by the family dog. She also collaborated with Maroon 5, Levine’s band, on a single from her upcoming album. It’s no wonder why this powerhouse songstress is worth an estimated $80 million. She’s built an empire and continues to do so even after giving birth to third son, Apollo, in February of this year.

It looks like the singer-model-entrepreneur tycoon is only going full speed ahead with fashion and fragrance lines, hit records, family life, and a coaching gig on The Voice just to name a few. Fans around the world are only guessing what’s next for the mother of three. No doubt, whatever it is, Gwen Stefani will have us feeling hella good.

By Charice Long

The Washington Post
Daily Mail (UK)

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