Actress Misty Upham Missing Since October 6: Victim of Suicide or Murder?

Misty Upham

Actress Misty Upham has been missing since October 6, leading her father and other family members and friends to suspect that something must have happened to her. Her father stated that Misty, who was in the movie, August: Osage County, has a “medical condition” and might possibly have also been suicidal. Her family and friends have not been contacted by her since her mysterious disappearance. If Misty’s disappearance is not because she committed suicide, another possible explanation is that she fell in with the wrong crowd and was murdered.

The last time anyone has reported having seen Misty Upham, 32, who is a Native-American actress and activist, is when she left her apartment where she resides with her parents in Auburn, Washington, on October 5. Besides having acted in August: Osage County as the family housekeeper, she was also in the movie Frozen River (2008), for which she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in the category of Best Supporting Female for her role as an illegal immigrant trafficker. She also acted in the movie, Jimmy P. Upham has now been missing for six days.

According to police officer, Commander Steve Stocker, in an article by People, when police responded to a “suicidal call,” when Misty left her apartment, “she had already packed up some belongings and left the apartment, so the officers were not able to contact or find her.”

Misty’s father, Charles Upham, wanted to report his daughter missing the very next day, but her absence did not fit the official definition, at the time, by Washington state law, of being a “missing and endangered person.” According to Stocker, for a person to be officially declared missing, the absence must be “unexplainable, involuntary or suspicious.” However, Misty’s father said that his daughter should be considered by the police as being endangered “due to a medical condition.”

Besides having taken some of her belongings with her, Stocker also stated that Misty Upham “has access to some money” and also “has a bus pass.” While he said that a detective “has been assigned” to her case, the police department is not “putting resources” into looking for her.

The police have responded to suicide calls at the apartment Misty Upham shares with her parents before. Four times within the last year, in fact. Also, according to police reports, when Misty left the apartment on October 6, it was not the first time she has done that.

Charles Upham stated in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that Misty was “having erratic behavior” because his daughter “had recently changed her medication.” He explained that was why he called the police, because her behavior and comment that her parents “didn’t have to worry about her anymore,” struck him as sounding “suicidal.”

Furthermore, Misty Upham’s father stated to the Hollywood Reporter that his daughter has “always been a suicidal person,” and that Misty sometimes had threatened to commit suicide before, “but she never went through with it.”

The father of Misty Upham is hoping that his daughter did not decide to take her own life. He suggested that she might be possibly injured somewhere, “in a place where she can’t get help,” or that “she got in with the wrong crowd.” If so, possibly Misty Upham was murdered.

In actress Misty Upham’s latest movie, a drama called Cake which is not out yet, she stars in it with Jennifer Aniston. Though Misty Upham’s career as an actress seemed to be taking off, whatever unspecified medical condition she has seems to have been one of the factors in her latest disappearance from the apartment she shares with her mother and father in Muckleshoot, Washington.

She might have left with the thought of visiting some of her friends, as reported in an article by The Hollywood Reporter. That was supposedly what she said to her parents the day she left. If that was her actual intent, it could be that aster Misty left, something unforeseen happened to her and her intended visit went horribly wrong.

Previous to Misty Upham and her parents living in Washington, they had resided in Los Angeles until June. Charles Upham had a stroke and received treatment in the Seattle area. Charles said to The Hollywood Reporter that they could not “find a psychiatrist in Seattle” who could give Misty the same type of care she had been receiving from “a medical team in L.A.”

If someone reading this article has any information about where Misty Upham might be, please inform the Auburn police department (253) 288-2121, case number 14-13189.

Charles Upham has reported that Misty had suicidal thoughts. If Misty Upham did not commit suicide, she might have fallen in with the wrong crowd, which might have resulted in her having been murdered. Hopefully, Misty is still alive and safe somewhere, but has stopped having contact with her family and friends for some reason or combination of reasons.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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