Amanda Bynes Attempts to Shoplift One Hour Before NYC Incident

Amanda Bynes attempted to shoplift just one hour before the incident in New York City, in which she walked out of a high-end clothing store with a hat she had not purchased. The events took place on October 8th, 2014.

Employees at the popular Pookie & Sebastian store, which is located in NYC’s Upper East Side, claim their attention was caught when they saw Bynes was browsing their store aimlessly and acting suspicious. They reportedly were unaware of her celebrity status, and said they thought she was just a homeless person who appeared to be both half-naked and on drugs. They described her behavior as extremely bizarre and rather unstable, giving the statement that the actress was dancing around the store and muttering to herself about plastic surgery. Bynes then allegedly attempted to exit the store with a shirt between her arms, upon which time she was stopped by said employees and asked if she was planning to purchase her item. She then reportedly replied by asking if it was really necessary to provide payment for the item, for which she was told yes. The incident was then said to resolve itself without any further conflict, as Bynes proceeded to take a credit card and pay for the shirt without further questions or complaint. The item was reportedly worth $128.

Rumors of the actress having a shoplifting problem first began circulating the internet early yesterday morning, when the news broke that she was shortly detained by security at a Manhattan Barneys, following the aforementioned hat debacle. The 28-year-old has denied all allegations of intending to steal the item, giving the excuse that she merely forgot her method of payment in the car and was on her way to get it. In regards to why she did not simply put the hat down momentarily or ask a sales associate to hold it for her, Bynes claims that she was distracted by an aggressive fan. The woman was reportedly so intent on taking unwanted pictures that she distracted the actress from the realization that the item was still in her hands as she left the store.

The California native’s behavior since landing in New York City this past Friday (after being arrested near the San Fernando Valley for driving under the influence of Adderall) has garnered her an enormous amount of media attention. She landed at JFK with an unexplained bandage across her cheek, and has since spent the following days engaging in extremely erratic behavior. Just three days ago, she was filmed haphazardly riding a bike through Manhattan’s crowded Penn Station area, almost knocking over a few pedestrians along the way. She has given several bizarre interviews regarding her relationship status, her hatred of people as a whole, and her desire to marry and move away from it all as soon as possible.

Bynes’ mother is reportedly considering flying out to the city to take her back home, a mission which her father is said to believe would be both a waste of money and futile in the end. The father himself is of the opinion that having a possible stint in jail could be the best thing for their daughter’s health at this time.

It remains to be seen whether or not Bynes will find herself in another shoplifting incident in the coming days. The actress herself has not yet given any public statement regarding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Fox News
Mail Online

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