Amanda Bynes’ Mental Illness addressed by Nick Cannon [VIDEO]

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Amanda Bynes is now receiving treatment of her mental illness issues and, in her support, longtime friend, Nick Cannon recently addressed the seriousness of her situation. Bynes’ story hit its breaking point this week after a hurtful commentary via Twitter.  Shortly thereafter her parents found her in New York City and transported her to Los Angeles where she entered into a mental health facility.

The insensitivity of the public toward celebrity lifestyles is not a topic that needs to be debated. It is as though they tend to assume that just because celebrities are in the limelight, it makes them an open target as well. Typically, celebrities are not often found pushing heavy personal agendas publicly. They may have a cause they support and may promote that cause at events or through social media but, in general, when being attacked or harassed, these individuals – who just so happen to shine so well at what they do professionally that the culture deems them as being “stars” – are simply wanting to live out their lives.

In an interview on Huffington Post Live, Cannon communicated sincere feelings of concern and understanding regarding the situation Bynes is going through. He said Bynes reached out to him a few weeks ago but he was unable to connect with her. He also expressed that a more sensitive approach toward talking about her situation was very much in order and put a more serious face on the way in which the media and many individuals have been addressed her illness. “People started to think it was entertaining,” said Cannon. “If this was a person who was in a mental hospital, would you do the same thing?”

As followers of the entertainment world people often become distracted by the fact that those who are being commenting on and mocked are real human beings, with real feelings, who have true emotions that are affected by the words of media, fans, and critics alike. Regardless of whether or not statements made by the media are true, anyone would hurt when having something that they did thrown in their face or laughed about. “Just because she’s someone who is a public figure, we feel like, oh, it’s fun,” said Cannon.

Amanda Bynes’ situation has been compared to other stars who lived out similar circumstance, such as Lindsay Lohan. It is important, however, to keep in perspective the fact that, although there has been much unexplainable behavior, it has never been proved that Bynes was flagrantly violent nor harmful to anyone except herself. This is not the case in those she has been compared to.

Ten minutes on her twitter page clearly shows that the majority of her actions stem from hurt and confusion but, thankfully, her longtime friend, Nick Cannon, has now addressed the issue and is asking the public to consider a more humane approach to what is clearly a case of mental illness. “Being someone who understands that and has dealt with that,” said Cannon. “My heart goes out to her. I pray for her daily.”

Opinion by Bridgette Bryant

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