Daredevil: First Footage Shown at New York Comic Con


Marvel released the first footage ever at the New York Comic Con, from the upcoming 2015 series,Daredevil, which will be shown on Netflix. The cast of Daredevil was there holding court at the Main Stage of the annual event. The 13-episode Daredevil series will be the first of five comic book series made specifically for Netflix.

Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb, who is also an executive producer of Daredevil, was the panel’s moderator. The place was packed, and many people were turned away from the panel discussion, according to a report in USA Today. Besides Daredevil, the other four comic book series will be Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and, last but definitely not least, The Defenders. Loeb also told the crowd in response to a question that Agents of SHIELD will be “connected” to all of the upcoming Netflix series.

Four separate video clips from the Daredevil series were shown. The first one was of Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox, rescuing Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) from a knife-wielding intruder in her apartment. He and the would-be intruder fall out of Karen’s window and plunge down several stories.

The second video clip was of an injured Daredevil being helped by the Night Nurse, Claire Temple, who will be played by Rosario Dawson. She acts kind of suspicious in the clip and tells Daredevil that his outift “sucks.” She decides to call him “Mike” when he will not reveal his identity to her.

The third video was of Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilton Fisk, the villain, Kingpin, talking to Vanessa Marianna, played by Ayelet Zurer. They meet for the first time ever in an art gallery and they discuss a white painting. Fisk tells her that the painting, depicting different gradations of the color, white, makes him feel “alone.” D’Onofrio said that his character is both a “child” and also is a “monster.”

Finally, the fourth clip showed Karen, Charlie Cox as Daredevil’s alter-ego, Matt Murdock, and Eldon Henson as Foggy Nelson as they discuss one of Karen’s cases. The office is messy and Karen offers to clean it up. Murdoch quips “Is this place messy?”

Matt Murdock, who is blind, is a lawyer by day and a masked crime-fighter by night. The Comic Con footage from the upcoming series was gritty and dark, with a lot of fighting scenes and noises. In other words, the footage looked fantastic and very promising of things to come to fans of the comic book series.

Besides the actors already mentioned, Ben Urich will be played by Vondie Curtis Hall, Wesley will be played by Toby Leonard Moore and Bob Gunton has been cast in the role of Leland Owlsley. Daredevil’s showrunner is Steven S. DeKnight.

Deborah Ann Woll signed on to play Karen Page even as she was still acting in the vampire series, True Blood. Also, Eldon Henson, who plays Foggy Nelson, got the gig while working on the movie Hunger Games.

Rosario Dawson could not be there because she was on a shoot in Los Angeles. Charlie Cox, who was there, according to The Hollywood Reporter, said that he tries to do some of the stunts himself, but he had great admiration for the stunt team. He declared that they do the stunts, even though it “looks like it’s CGI.”

The Daredevil panel at the New York Comic Con was a fascinating glimpse at what the Netflix series will be like when it premieres in 2015. As well as revealing who many of the cast members will be, Comic Con attendees who were lucky enough to be admitted to the panel also saw the first ever video clips from the TV series about the crime-fighting vigilante.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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