Amanda Bynes New York Behavior Gets Even Stranger [Video]

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Amanda Bynes’ behavior while in New York has gotten even stranger, after the former actress was spotted haphazardly riding a bicycle around the streets of Manhattan. The incident occurred over the weekend of October 3rd, 2014.

The 28-year-old was videotaped riding a type of bike known as a Citi, near the heavily populated Penn Station area of Manhattan. She did not seem to be able to maintain 100 percent control of the bike, frequently swerving and almost knocking over more than one pedestrian. Dressed in a flannel shirt and the customary sweatpants and flats she has been donning for the past few days, she did not seem to take any notice of the photographer’s suggestion to his companion that they continue to follow her to see what she did next. Earlier today, a photo was posted onto what is believed to be Bynes’ Twitter account, displaying what appeared to be a lit cigarette filled with marijuana. The California native has remained adamant for some time now that she does not smoke pot, although those close to her say this is simply untrue and she has become addicted to it since the lifting of her conservatorship earlier last month.

The erratic bicycle riding is just the latest in a string of bizarre antics Bynes has gotten up to since arriving in New York this past Friday. She was visibly out of sorts from the moment she arrived at JFK International Airport, with her eyelids extremely heavy and sporting a very large band-aid across her cheek, the reason for which has still not been revealed. She was spotted again later on that evening, puffing on a cigarette and dressed in a uncoordinated way, with odd layers of clothing that did not seem to make sense to be worn at the same time. She entered a Cartier jewelry store but left empty handed, covering her face  with a sweater in an attempt to not be further photographed by paparazzi.

The former child star’s troubles were kickstarted once more at the end of September, when she was arrested for driving under the influence of Adderall. The arrest occurred in California’s San Fernando Valley, when Bynes was spotted stopping in the middle of an intersection for no apparent reason, upon which time the officer in question realized that something was wrong and subsequently took her into the station to be examined. Upon her release, she made her way to LAX, where she was photographed behaving in an extremely bizarre manner at a restaurant, talking to herself and acting extremely paranoid about her surroundings.

Bynes’ friends are said to be extremely worried about her safety, and have reportedly been begging her parents to renew the aforementioned conservatorship in order to maintain their daughter’s security and prevent her from getting harmed or harming someone else. Indeed, the only way Bynes can be placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold once more is if she commits such an act, something those close to her feel is inevitable unless immediate action is taken to prevent it.

It remains to be seen whether or not Amanda Bynes will continue to act in an unexplainable way while residing in New York. Her parents have given the statement that they do not feel the need to intervene for the time being.

By Rebecca Grace

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