Amanda Bynes Parents Very Concerned

Amanda Bynes

The parents of Amanda Bynes are very concerned for their daughter’s mental health. The news comes after a series of Twitter rants, which included one about the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her own father. Just hours later, she recanted the claim and stated that a microchip in her brain had made her believe that.

Bynes’ actions over the last week have led to her being placed back under medical supervisions. She is back in rehab involuntarily to get help. Not only will it keep others safe, but it will help her come to terms with her mental illness; a mental illness that her parents say she does not have. Her parents have previously stated that she is just struggling with her drug addiction.

The Amanda Show actress’ mother spoke out yesterday after the initial abuse claims. Tamar Arminak, her lawyer, spoke about the sadness that the actress’ mother feels after her husband was accused of this. She made it clear that the allegations were due to Bynes’ mental state, and were not true. Just hours later, the 28-year-old took to Twitter to confirm that they were not true.

However, fans and family members were given another reason to be concerned. The actress started ranting about how she had been micro-chipped, and that was on the orders of her father. Bynes’ parents are now very concerned for their daughter’s safety, and flew her to California from New York to seek hospital treatment. The doctors placed her on a psychiatric hold for 72 hours to help her mental state.

The She’s the Man actress’ siblings also spoke out after the allegations. They denied them, and believed that she was making them up to get out of treatment that she needed. However, they will stand by their sister, as she receives help. They also support their parents as they focus on the best decisions for the 28-year-old actress.

It was just a few months ago that Bynes seemed to be back on the right track. She was in college and studying to become a fashion designer. It has recently been reported that she was expelled from college after paying students to do her homework for her. This seemed to cause her mental state to deteriorate rapidly, and she was seen allegedly shoplifting. She was also involved in a DUI charge in Los Angeles.

The family is going through a difficult time. The actress’ tweets would have made many question her father’s character, even now that she has recanted her accusation. At the same time, many worry that she has not received the treatment that she initially needed. There is the possibility that she was sent home too soon, or knows how to game the system. Hopefully now that she is back in treatment, she will be able to work on her issues and get the right help she needs for her mental state. A lot has happened over the last few weeks, and Bynes’ parents are understandably very concerned for their daughter.

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