Nicole Kidman Really Wants Another Baby

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman really wants to have another baby. It is at the point where she hopes each month that she will find out she is pregnant, despite knowing that it is very unlikely. At 47-years-old it will be very difficult for her to get pregnant, but that is not going to stop her from trying.

The Australian actress gave birth to daughter Sunday six years ago, but that is the only one of four that she has had herself. Her youngest, Faith, was born by surrogacy three years ago, and is her and Keith Urban’s biological child. Her eldest two were adopted when she was still married to Tom Cruise.

However, Kidman wants more children, and really hopes that she will fall pregnant again. Despite really wanting to have another baby, she knows that it is very unlikely considering her age. There are stories of it happening, but she is not getting her hopes up too much.

Jackie O recently shared that a friend has gotten pregnant at the age of 49. Kidman was overjoyed hearing that news, as it means that there is still the chance. She also admitted that her grandmother had her last baby at the age of 49, so there is a slim possibility. It just all depends on the biological clock.

Kidman recently admitted that she really wants another baby. However, it seems that Urban may not want to do the diaper stage again. For most women, fertility levels drop from the age of 35. There are cases of women having babies later just before menopause, but it is difficult.

The Moulin Rouge actress has had a difficult year with the recent death of her father, Anthony. He fell while visiting his other daughter in Singapore last month, shocking people all around the world. His family have not been giving many interviews since then, as everyone gets through the grieving stage.

While upset, Kidman wanted to thank everyone who had reached out to share their condolences in any way possible. It was something she always shied away from when hearing of someone’s death, feeling like she was an intruder. However, being on the receiving side, she stated that she found it comforting receiving phone calls and cards.

Urban has been there to support his wife, while they also try for another baby. For a third of couples of women over 35, fertility drops to a level where they cannot conceive. Waiting to have babies is on the rise, as more women focus on their careers. Twenty percent of women now wait until their 40s to have their first child. Menopause usually starts around 50 years old, which is when the ovaries really go into a decline.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), miscarriages can also lead to infertility. The Australia actress admitted to having an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage when she was married to Cruise.

While Urban does not seem to like the idea of the diaper stage, he is supportive of having another child. It is just going to take some time, patience and hope. Kidman really wants another baby, even though she knows that it is unlikely to happen.

By Alexandria Ingham

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