Amanda Bynes Placed on Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

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Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes had appeared to be on the road to recovery lately, but her recent erratic behavior and actions have led to her being place on involuntary psychiatric hold soon after she arrived in Los Angeles on Friday, according to a report by TMZ. She was taken directly to Pasadena Hospital on the outskirts of L.A. and placed there on involuntary psychiatric hold for 72 hours, though the hold could be extended for as much as two weeks.

Amanda Bynes, 28, had believed, when her plane from New York City landed, that she was going to meet with her parents and their attorney at The London Hotel located in West Hollywood, California. Instead, a car service her parents had arranged took the troubled celebrity to the Pasadena Hospital.

The type of hold that Bynes was placed on is referred to as a 5150 psychiatric hold. According to the TMZ report, after the hold is over, her parents will likely attempt to obtain another conservatorship over their daughter’s affairs.

Among the odd behavior that Amanda Bynes has displayed recently, she tweeted about her father having sexually, physically and verbally abused her when she was younger. She later deleted those statements, but said that she had tweeted them because of a microchip her dad had “ordered them” to put inside of her brain.

Amanda Bynes’ mother, Lynn, said that her daughter’s remarks about her husband has left her “heartbroken.” She added that he has “never abused Amanda” or their other children, stating that the accusations Amanda made “could not be further from the truth.”

Ever since September 28, when Bynes was arrested on a DUI charge, she has seemed to be acting more and more erratically, as if she was headed towards another breakdown. A source close to Bynes has stated, according to People, that she has talked a lot lately about the resentment she has towards her father, Rick.

Other erratic behavior that Amanda Bynes has displayed lately includes her claim that she is engaged, that she requires “facial surgery,” and she will not let anyone brainwash or manipulate her. Her current behavior seems similar to the chain of events and erratic behavior that led to the last time Bynes was placed on involuntary psychiatric 5150 hold in 2013.

Her mother, Lynn, had thought that Amanda was doing better, as she had enrolled in a fashion school and was “making new friends.”

Even when Bynes was hospitalized in 2013, she did not consent to seeing her father, just her mother. For whatever reason or set of reasons, Amanda Bynes has been long estranged from him, reportedly blaming him for being behind a lot of her problems.

At one time in her life, when she was just getting started in show business, Amanda Bynes had a better relationship with her dad. He sent her to a comedy camp, and acted as her manager, getting her auditions for commercials, according to People.

When Bynes was 10, her acting and stage presence attracted the attention of execs at Nickelodeon. That led to her being cast in the TV series All That. Then, in 1999, she got her own show, The Amanda Show.

When she was a teenager, Amanda Bynes sought legal emancipation from her parents. A source reportedly said that her father was “very strict” and also “was very controlling.” However, in an interview with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show in 2007, Bynes credited her “funny dad” with where she got her “love of comedy.”

Amanda Bynes did not start acting erratically until 2010. She issued a statement through Twitter that she was retiring from acting. After that, Bynes began showing up in nightclubs in Los Angeles with greater frequency and getting involved in car accidents and other trouble with the police.

Bynes became more concerned with her looks, and buying wigs. She called her father “as ugly as RuPaul” on Twitter. She did not admit to anyone, according to a source, that she either partied or drank. Even in 2012, her father, Rick, did not suspect that Bynes had any problems with drugs or drinking. He said to People that “She’s a good girl.”

It was not until 2013, when Amanda Bynes was allegedly involved in an arson incident and blamed for lighting a fire in a driveway in Thousand Oaks, California, that her parents began to realize their daughter needed help. They were worried that she was going through all of her money on plastic surgery and drugs and they wanted to protect her remaining estate by establishing a conservatorship.

Amanda Bynes had appeared to be recovering from whatever mental and emotional issues she had been struggling with, which led to her parents establishing a conservatorship over her estate in 2013. At the time, her enrollment in a New York City fashion school seemed to be a sign that Bynes was recovering and was attempting to further her interest in getting more involved with the fashion industry.

Looking back on it, Amanda Bynes removed herself from the direct support of her parents when she moved to New York City. She has now shown enough worrying indications of a breakdown that she has again become the focus of media attention because of her erratic behavior. Her parents, on the face of it, lured Amanda Bynes to California on false pretenses. It seems as if they have their daughter’s best interests in mind, though, and just wanted to prevent Bynes from getting into even more serious problems with the law, as well as protect the money that she earned as a child star.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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