Amanda Bynes Possibly Facing One Year Involuntary Confinement

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes could be facing up to one year of involuntary confinement and medication, at least if her doctors get their way. Authorities at the Pasadena treatment facility she has been at since last Friday are reportedly looking to establish a new conservatorship for the 28-year-old, this time a more permanent one that comes with far more authority than the one previous.

Sources close to the circumstances have given the statement to TMZ that the ultimate goal concerning her treatment is to get her placed under a LPS hold, fully known as a Lanterman-Petris-Short hold. It is a unique type of hold that allows professionals to take the aforementioned action of involuntarily confining an individual and ordering that they be administered medication whether they want to take it or not, in order to keep their health and safety away from danger. The judge handling Bynes’ affairs is said to be willing to sign off on the order, but only if her doctors can prove that she meets the requirements for it; a LPS hold can only be administered if the patient clearly suffers from a grave disablement due to a mental disorder, or impairment via chronic alcoholism. The doctors are reportedly planning on showcasing their evidence for the former affliction. A LPS hold was originally administered last summer after the actress set fire to a stranger’s driver in her hometown of Thousand Oaks, California, but that order expired around the same time as her parents’ conservatorship over her.

This new type of conservatorship is far different from the original one Bynes’ parents were put in charge of back when their daughter’s troubles began last summer. Their authority only lay with making decisions concerning her financial choices and the like, and to require her to remain in residency with them for the period in which the conservatorship lasted. They were not allowed to legally confine her, nor were they allowed to force medication on her should she decline the offer. This order expired at the end of September, and Bynes’ parents had no choice but to allow her to move out and live her life as she choose. There was initially talk of renewing the order following the exhibiting of bizarre behavior as well as an arrest by Bynes shortly following its expiration, but her parents made the decision to allow their daughter to get better on her own terms.

This decision did not pan out, however, and their daughter spent a week of chaos and erratic behavior in New York city following the fleeing of Los Angeles post-arrest, a week in which she was accused of shoplifting twice in one day. The week rounded off with Bynes accusing her father of sexual abuse at a young age, something she recanted shortly after and gave the excuse that a microchip planted in her brain made her say such a thing. Upon hearing that her mother and father had decided to fly out to the city in order to convince her to get help, Bynes jetted back to Los Angeles in order to escape their advances towards getting her mental health help. The parents ultimately got their way, however, after tricking their daughter into arriving at said treatment facility, a ruse their pulled off by telling her she was meeting them at a swanky L.A. hotel and subsequently rerouting the car’s direction via private phone call. Bynes is said to be infuriated with the pair, with reports stating she has claimed her hatred for them has now officially become legitimate after what they did.

It remains to be seen whether Amanda Bynes’ doctors will get their wish to place her under a second, more permanent and stricter LPS hold. The case has yet to be presented before a judge.

By Rebecca Grace

International Business Times

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