Amanda Bynes Retracts Parent Abuse Allegation


Amanda Bynes retracts allegations she made this morning stating that her father had physically and verbally abused the young star. She created a two-hour long Twitter rant in which she included statements that he father called her ugly as a child and asked her to have sex with him. In her latest tweet she attributed the rant to a “microchip” in her brain which made her write the allegations and then accused him of being “the one that ordered” her to be microchiped.

by Bridgette Bryant

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One Response to "Amanda Bynes Retracts Parent Abuse Allegation"

  1. Adrienne Casey   October 15, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    She’s crazy. She is one of those people who thinks it’s fashionable to cry that she was abused as a child.


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