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American Horror Story

An American Horror Story alum is coming back to the show. At the start of season four, a number of fans were upset to hear that only Evan Peters, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson were confirmed to return for a fourth season, making them the only ones to be in every single season. Out of all the actors and actresses to be in all four seasons, many miss one in particular.

Lily Rabe has played some excellent roles throughout. She was a 1920s aristocrat ghost during the first season, and then became a nun for the second. Last season, she played a witch—and her first present day character. It has finally been confirmed that she will come back for American Horror Story: Freak Show.

The show did something different this year. Every other year, the storylines have been standalone from season to season. There has been no connection to previous ones, but that is not the case with season four. It has already been confirmed that Pepper in the carnival is the same Pepper appeared in the asylum in season two.

Rabe will also play a connection to season two. She will be the same Sister Mary Eunice, before her possession days. However, her exact storyline is still unknown.

The American Horror Story alum is coming back for the 10th episode of the season. It will finally connect seasons two and four, and will see just why Pepper ends up in Briarfair Insane Asylum. Fans have wanted to know just whether Pepper committed the crimes that she was said to have committed.

Rabe may not be a nun when she turns up in episode 10. It is possible that she becomes a nun shortly after this. It is set 12 years before Asylum started. There is the chance that something happens while she is in Jupiter that leads to her finding God. In Elsa Mars’ house of horrors that is certainly likely, especially when Twisty the Clown is thrown into the mix.

Murphy had previously stated that having a different storyline for each season made the show different. It allowed actors to sign on for one season and then decide never to come back. That happened with Connie Britton, who appeared in the first season of American Horror Story and has never been back. It also allows actors to take breaks during the seasons, which is something Taissa Farmiga did by taking a break between seasons one and three and is now not confirmed for season four.

The decision to add the connection to Asylum was difficult for Murphy. It does something very different to his original intention. However, he wanted to do something different and interesting. It is not a major storyline, either. That means no other characters need to reappear. It allows the main focus to be on the carnival and the characters within that.

A number of big names are joining the cast this season for small roles. Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris have been confirmed so far. While Harris will appear at the end of the season, Bomer is in one of the most disturbing episodes ever on November 5. Fans will be happy to know that American Horror Story alum Rabe will appear in the episode just before the winter break cliffhanger, episode 10.

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