Neil Patrick Harris and Husband Join American Horror Story Cast

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has confirmed that he is joining the American Horror Story cast, along with his husband. He and David Burtka will appear towards the end of the 13-part season, which is set in a 1950s freak show carnival. The full details of their characters have not yet been shared.

Rumors of the How I Met Your Mother actor joining the legendary cast started in July. Ryan Murphy said that he had the perfect role for Harris; one that he was going to love. It was all done publicly on Twitter, although the tweet was quickly deleted. It is possible that Murphy meant to share the update via a direct message. It is also possible that the series co-creator knew that it would be a great way to convince the actor to join the cast. Many How I Met Your Mother fans would want to see him “suit up” for American Horror Story.

All that is known at the moment is that Harris will play “a chameleon salesman.” He will be in the two final episodes of season four of the “legen—wait-for-it—dary” show. His husband will appear in the season finale, but his character details have not been shared. It is hinted that he will have some sort of love story with Elsa Mars, played by the one and only Jessica Lange.

This is not the first time Harris will appear in one of Murphy’s shows. In 2010, he appeared on Glee, singing Dream On by Aerosmith. Now many fans want to know whether he will sing on the creepy TV show. That has not been confirmed, but there is the possibility now that Harris and his husband are definitely joining the cast of American Horror Story.

Season four is set in a carnival, and there have been a number of musical numbers. It sets the stage perfectly for him to sing a number or two. So far, there has been a musical number in each episode of the show, with Sarah Paulson and Lange both taking the stage.

The character that Harris will play seems to be an amalgamation of ideas from both the actor and American Horror Story’s Murphy. The two had ideas for the type of character they would like to play, while fitting it into the 1952 carnival theme. Murphy wants the How I Met Your Mother actor on the set so much that he is working with him to create the perfect combination of ideas.

Murphy reportedly wanted the Emmy-winning actor in the first season of the show. However, Harris turned down the opportunity, presumably due to his commitment to How I Met Your Mother at the time. Now, he has an open schedule, apart from hosting the 2015 Oscars.

The appearance on Glee helped the actor win an Emmy. There are chances that his appearance on the horror program will do the same. Fans will certainly be excited about the idea of Harris and his husband joining the cast of American Horror Story, and it opens doors for the fifth season, which has already been confirmed.

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