American Horror Story Freak Show: Opening Night Trailer (Video)


American Horror Story Freak Show: Opening Night Trailer (Video)

On October 8, FX will be bringing American Horror Story Back to fans with season four’s, Freak Show and the latest trailer has been released, entitled Opening Night. This video, along with the sexually explicit opening credits which was also released, where a naked female figure has what appears to be a booted leg jutting from her genitalia, will whet the appetite of every AHS fan out there.

Watching the trailer, “Opening Night” and not the “boot genitals” credit video, it looks like the small Florida town of Jupiter is not too pleased to have the circus’ sideshow full of “freaks” within its boundaries. Evans Peters, who appears to be playing a roustabout named Jimmy Darling and who is the strongman’s son, gets very angry when a local man calls them freaks. It looks like the man is not the only Jupiter denizen who is not happy about the sideshow exhibits being in town.

Out of the Freak Show cast, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett all appear in the one minute trailer along with the murderous clown, whose face and body shape certainly resembles that of Chiklis.

Even though fans already know that “Twisty the Clown” is being played by actor John Carroll Lynch, surely the physical resemblance between the two actors will raise some great plot points? The summary of the show states that a “terrifying” discovery in a local farmhouse seems to be a heaven sent opportunity for the Freak Show owner to make the beleaguered act a success.

Sarah Paulson must be the opportunity mentioned in the summary. She plays the two headed Tattler sisters, Bette and Dot, who obviously cannot stand each other. In the American Horror Story Freak Show Opening Night trailer, there is a short scene with Kathy Bates’ bearded lady Ethel Darling (Jimmy’s mother?) where she tells the two-headed sisters that they will be a huge draw and bring in record numbers.

One of the heads replies haughtily that they are no-one’s trained monkey. Bates then says that this is as good as it gets for people like them. At the beginning of the clip, Frances Conroy as Gloria Mott, with her son Dandy Mott, played by Finn Wittrock (All My Children, Masters of Sex) look to be the only locals who are pleased to see the “freaks” in town.

Show creator Ryan Murphy stated two days before the release of the Opening Night trailer, via his Twitter account @MrRPMurphy, that the season opening of AHS’ Freak Show will be a glorious “super-sized” 90 minutes. Murphy followed this announcement with more information which will excite AHS fans, apparently there will be two cast documentaries along with the main title during the show’s opening week.

Murphy has gone on record saying that he believes that Twisty is the scariest character on the series so far. In terms of characters the trailer shows that Pepper from American Horror Story season two, Asylum is back. The rumor is that this will be a sort of “prequel” for the character about why she wound up in Briarcliff Manor.

The American Horror Story Freak Show Opening Night trailer is below for fans viewing pleasure. Season four with its extra long premiere will air on FX October 8. For those with a fear of clowns, it may be wise to skip the video below and the show itself or take this time to either book therapy or lose a lot of sleep whilst season four of AHS is on.

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