American Horror Story Opening Credits: Can They Show That On TV? (Video)

*Warning: Video May Offend Those Who Dislike Claymation Nudity*


American Horror Story Opening Credits: Can They Show That On TV?

The opening credits montage for American Horror Story came out today and the first thing that immediately comes to mind is the question of “Can they show that on TV?” Not the mechanical dolls, or creepy clowns, but the bit at 40 seconds into the one minute 11 second sequence. A small breasted, obviously female, naked figure clad only in tall boots has an appendage waving from its nether region that looks like a leg and foot clad in a third boot. The segment lasts just over three seconds and is a brilliantly mind blowing sight. One keeps rewinding the YouTube video again and again just to verify that the eyes have not deceived.

This early peek at the American Horror Story opening credits, released the day after the Opening Night trailer on September 30, is bound to get the imaginative juices flowing in fans who cannot wait for October 8 and the season four 90 minute premiere. One thing is for certain, the theme this year is scary clowns with sharp teeth who do squeaky things with balloons and possible squeaky things to the unfortunate victims caught alone…in the dark. Shudder.

Show creator Ryan Murphy says that, to him, this is the scariest season yet with Twisty the Clown being easily the most terrifying character. Considering that quite a number of people seem to suffer from Coulrophobia, which in layman’s terms means, a fear of clowns, Murphy may be right. Even folks who still find these greasepaint covered characters amusing may not be too enamoured of a razor toothed chap who likes to kill and not in a “knock ’em dead” sort of way either.

Leaving the American Horror Story version of an evil “Krusty” clown fellow alone for a moment and revisiting that naked lady with the booted genitals, can they really show that on TV week after week? Perhaps a countdown should start now where bets are made as to how long it will take to get enough complaints to change the opening credits.

The images presented during the open will surely offend someone. Even if the show comes on during the “watershed,” (a term used in England to specify when adult content may be “safely” shown on television) there will be a certain amount of viewers who will be offended. Even with ratings added to the show, the musical TV MA LV which means viewer discretion is advised, some plonk will let their children watch and then be upset that stop-motion claymation nudity was shown on screen with a leg and foot growing out of some woman’s groin.

It should be pointed out that the naked boot lady has a little competition in the credits where “perversion” is concerned. A lot of time, out of the one minute 11 second clip, is spent on two headed dolls. Toward the end of the credit sequence, just after the head swapping babies, a two headed adult figure stops to kiss…itself and not in a sisterly way either.

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story has always been brilliantly disturbing and scary in equal parts. Season four’s opening credits indicate that this tradition will continue, creepy and squeaky balloon shapes aside, but the question still remains. Can they show that on TV? American Horror Story Freak Show airs on October 8 on FX.

By Michael Smith



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