Angry Birds Movie Full of A-Listers

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The upcoming animated feature film Angry Birds, based on the popular series of video games, is confirmed to feature a vast amount of Hollywood’s A-List talent. A majority of the film’s stars will be deriving from former Saturday Night Live players including Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon and Bill Hader.

Emmy award-winning Game of Thrones actor, Peter Dinklage will also lend his voice to the role of the Mighty Eagle. Josh Gad has also been announced as a cast member and is, undoubtably, expected to give a nothing-less-than-stellar performance due to his memorable and heartwarming portrayal of Olaf the Snowman in Disney’s Frozen. Renowned actors Danny McBride and Keegan-Michael Key will also voice a couple of the film’s birds.

Angry Birds is known for its wacky and sometimes dry sense of humor – a perfect outlet for the aforementioned group of comedic actors. The series’ characters are very particular and iconic in their own right. The most well-known red angry bird, aptly named “Red,” will be voiced by Sudeikis. Supporting characters such as the yellow bird, “Chuck,” will be played by Gad and McBride will lend his vocals to the big black bomb bird, “Bomb.” Rudolph will play the egg-dropping “Matilda” while Hader voices one of the nefarious green pigs.

The series of mobile video games has become an immensely popular app that one can find on the majority of the nation’s cellphones. The game has proven to be very addictive as players slingshot their angry birds across a playing field of various obstacles in hopes of destroying the egg-stealing green pigs.

Game developer Rovio has brought forth many different versions of the Angry Birds title including an outer space scenario, a go-kart racing style, a medieval period game and even a Star Wars-themed version. Developers have also created the game Bad Piggies which allows users to turn the tables and play as the devious pigs whose goal is to steal the angry birds’ eggs.

Rovio has recently begun a new feature within the games entitled Angry Birds Toons. The addition is a series of short animations, often non-speaking, so body language and the famous angry bird and bad piggy sounds are used for communication.

The cartoons give players a bit of a backstory on each major character within the game and provide constant updates of new episodes. Angry Birds Toons also features a Transformers-themed series of angry birds episodes and also promotes similar products such as Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes and the upcoming animated feature The Book of Life. In addition, the new feature also has a “channels” section in which a number of similar TV series are included such as Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock.

Angry Birds is an unexpected phenomena that has taken the world by storm and will now have its own movie that is full of Hollywood A-Listers. Colombia Pictures, in addition to the original game developer, Rovio, will produce the film with a release date scheduled for July 2016. All Angry Birds games can be downloaded via iTunes or the Google Play App Store.

By Cody Collier

Us Weekly
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  1. Douglas Cobb   October 2, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    With all of those actors involved in providing the voices for the Angry Birds movie, it sounds like it will be pretty funny! Great article!


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