Apple iPhone 6 Already Being Upstaged by iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 6
With Apple’s recently released iPhone 6 setting the cell phone world ablaze, there is already talk of it being upstaged by the yet to be designed iPhone 7. While the iPhone 7 is still in the speculative stage, apparently it is never too early for Apple to test the market with new product rumors. In addition, there is no better time for Apple to spread rumors than a time when the company is riding a tidal wave of publicity.

With current orders backed up and suppliers fighting to meet customer demands, Apple is sitting atop the smart phone world. Apple sold 10 million iPhone 6 units within the first three days of the product’s release. Close to another 10 million orders are expected shortly. The company’s initial goal of delivering 70-80 million iPhones by year’s end appears to be a distinct possibility.

Growth over the last couple of weeks has continued unabated. Retailers are eagerly awaiting deliveries as the number of customers waiting for their new iPhones continues to rise. The demand becomes even more staggering with the realization that the iPhone 6 will not be released in China, the world’s largest consumer marketplace, until next Friday. The following week, the phones will be available in India.

Demand and success seems to follow every iPhone release, and the iPhone 6 is no different. Long consumer lines have become the norm for Apple’s new products. It is not surprising, therefore, that rumors of an iPhone 7 release are already being heard.

Those rumors have the new iPhone being released next year. It is also rumored to be slightly slimmer and weighing as much as current models. It will be more of a phablet than a smart phone. Gesture control, solar power, and waterproofing will, in all likelihood, be included. The new units will surely have sapphire glass that will address the bending issue being encountered in the current iPhone 6 Plus models.

Gesture control will enable an individual to use the iPhone 7 without actually touching it. The phone will also charge throughout the day via solar power, thereby prolonging battery life. With more and more smart phones becoming water-resistant, Apple is sure to follow suit. It’s waterproofing, however, will protect the entire device, including circuit boards.

A holographic projection technology is on the near horizon. While it is something that would create great excitement amongst the Apple community, it is a technology that will probably come later in the company’s product cycle. Other companies could possibly offer this technology before Apple tests the water.

As of today, Samsung is still the smart phone leader with a 25.2 percent worldwide market share. Apple is next at 11.9 percent. With 295.3 million smart phones shipped in the second quarter, global demand was up 23.1 percent for the same period a year ago. It all shows that global demand has not stagnated and that consumers are eagerly awaiting new technological developments.

As Apple’s iPhone 6 continues to excite the global community of smart phone users, expectations of greater and better smart phones continue to drive the marketplace. By fueling rumors of greater things to come in the iPhone 7, Apple is continuing to maintain its customer base’s interest while staying on the front page of advertising.

By Hans Benes

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    people give Apple crap cuz they aren’t first to market with various technological advances. The thing about Apple is they WILL be the first company to actually get it right. Apple is the ONLY company that provides smartphones that are as clean and neat and sexy as they are, yet does NOT lag, glitch, or freeze trying to do more than its actually capable of, like Samsung phones do.

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    I think the iphone7 might have widgets and run Android Jelly Bean.


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