Apple Users Add Hairgate to iPhone 6 Problems


Apple is fielding yet another consumer complaint as users add Hairgate stories, to a list of iPhone 6 problems. In addition to the controversy over the phone’s reported tendency to bend, and the debacle over iOS 8, Apple is now being targeting for the iPhone 6’s supposed random habit of pulling out users hair, both from the head and the beard. Apple has always claimed the device is a smartphone, but one has to question the need for the ability to pull-off such a feat.

The problem seems to occur due to what users believe is a small seam between the iPhone 6’s metal casing and the glass screen. Although the situation has not turned into an epidemic, and has not stopped people lining up to buy the device, it does seem to be creating a large amount of conversation on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hairgate has its own Facebook page on which users are commenting on, and sharing images of hairs caught in Apple’s trap; a device which measures a petite 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm. Twitter has also joined the party with dozens of users regularly tweeting comments about personal experiences and links to internet articles. Twitter user Muttly_is tweeted, “No longer the hairy dog I once was thanks to the plucking iPhone 6 relieving me of my ear fur. Ouch! Owooo!”, and mooretobyneeded tweeted, “Had a nice shave with my iPhone 6 this morning…” So far there doesn’t appear to be an official response from Apple about the Hairgate scandal, and a quick search of their website found no matching results.

However it is not all bad news, as the team from GottaBeMobile said in their article discussing iPhone 6 users’ claims that Hairgate has added to Apple’s problems. “Frankly, it hasn’t happened to any of us…” they wrote. Other sites are also supporting the “no-pull” side of the debate by trying to dispel myth with fact. A recent article on Forbes said “…it’s nonsense.” According to Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly, the gap between the front glass and the aluminum casing does not exist. “There is a bevel, but the glass front panel is actually fused to the aluminium and the tiny gap you do see is significantly narrower than a human hair,” Kelly wrote. Kelly goes on to discuss the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was branded with the label “Gapgate” due to an actual gap in the tablet’s seam, yet survived without “widespread reports of hair trauma.”

Many people cannot resist the opportunity to make a joke of an issue that sounds too ludicrous to be taken seriously, and the internet is a perfect audience. However most internet users have the ability to be wary and decide for themselves if a photo or video is genuine, or simply created to demonstrate an idea. iPhone 6 and Twitter user JustAlly tweeted, “I have big curly hair that gets caught in EVERYTHING, and it has never been caught in my iPhone 6. I say hairgate was started by Samsung.” When read together with other comments suggesting it is a covert DNA sourcing operation, it is hard to believe either suggestion.

Numerous news articles and Social Media comments about users’ problems with Apple’s iPhone 6 have surfaced since its release last month, and Hairgate has been successfully added. That does not necessarily mean the end of iPhone’s popularity on the market. Mashable also disputes the complaints with a video showing people rubbing the iPhone 6 on their hair and beards. “We’ve gone with beards and curly hair and long hair, short hair, your hair, my hair,” reporter Christina Warren said in the video. “Hairgate is not a thing,” Warren said. Perhaps Hairgate is simply a clever rumour created by Apple to encourage people to buy it and try it, after all, the saying goes that “any publicity is good publicity.”

By Monica Grant

GottaBe Mobile

Photo by thronx – Flickr License

3 Responses to "Apple Users Add Hairgate to iPhone 6 Problems"

  1. Lin   October 17, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    These people must hv been paid by rival companys to do so….

  2. Beth Balen   October 15, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    People are strange. Hair gate just makes you shake your head and laugh!

  3. Jan larson   October 15, 2014 at 4:14 am

    Not only do those people who post such NONSENSE, like an audience, I’m finding that some of the audience are JEALOUS when someone they know gets an Apple 6 iPhone before they do. Silly, silly jealous people!


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