Ashton Kutcher Blames ‘Name Tourette’s’ for Name of His Daughter

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher blamed name Tourette’s on he choice of his daughter’s name when he dropped in on Conan O’Brien on Tuesday night to talk about how he and Mila Kunis hit upon their daughter’s name. Conan asked them how they were “holding up,” as he said he remembered that the period right after there is a new baby in the house can be “rough.”

Ashton Kutcher, 36, opened up to Conan and told him how he and Mila had chosen the name Wyatt Isabelle for their baby girl. He said that it is, right now, just himself and Mila who are taking care of their daughter, no “nanny or night nurse.” He called the experience “the greatest thing on earth.”

Ashton said he is learning the “little things” he can do to “calm the baby down,” so he thinks of himself as “a baby whisperer.”

Ashton Kutcher told Conan that he will let friends hold his daughter for a while and then, when she starts to fuss and cry, he said he enjoys taking her back and having Wyatt act more relaxed and calmer. In order to keep feeling that, O’Brien suggested jokingly that Ashton might try to find situations to place his daughter “in mock jeopardy.”

All indications are, though, that Ashton Kutcher and Mila are proud parents and would never actually do anything on purpose to place their daughter in any kind of danger. Still, Ashton played along with Conan, also kidding about that possibility.

All of this led up to the revelation Ashton Kutcher made as to how he and Mila hit on the name of Wyatt Isabelle for their new arrival. He revealed that the name was not their first choice and that they were both pretty sure about their decision.

However, they chose the other name before Mila got pregnant. Then, as Ashton Kutcher put it, The original name they had decided on “just didn’t fit the energy that we were feeling.” Ashton said that He and Mila would called the baby just “the baby,” not using the original name. One night, Mila had had enough, apparently, and said to Ashton that the original name was “not the name.”

Ashton Kutcher told Conan that he sometimes gets what he called name Tourette’s, when he starts listing things off that he sees. After he listed several things off at a Lakers game that he went to with Mila, and she got mad and told him to “shut up,” he suggested “What about Wyatt?” and she said answered “That’s it.”

Wyatt’s middle name was chosen a little bit more “logically,” as it were. Isabelle is a family name, the first name of Mila’s grandfather. Trying to prevent anyone from opening up any fake social media accounts, Ashton Kutcher told Conan that when they got to their home, they “reserved all the domain names.” Kutcher said that they got the Instagram name, twitter handle, “everything that you could possibly [have].”

Ashton Kutcher also said that Wyatt does not really cry very much during the night, maybe waking up one or two times. He also told Conan that he would like for his daughter to call him “Papa.” Also, how is this for a “news flash”? Ashton said that for Halloween, he, Mila, and Wyatt will dress up like “the three little pigs.” He was quick to add that it was not his idea, but he had agreed to do it, so was going to stick with the plan.

While Wyatt might have gotten her name due to a mild case of what Ashton Kutcher calls “name Tourette’s,” it is still a great name for her and a story that he and Mila will have to tell to Wyatt later in her life, and a tale that she can then pass on to her children. Ashton, Mila, and their daughter, Wyatt, make for a handsome family.

Written By Douglas Cobb

E! Online
Photo by JD Lasica – Flickr License

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