Ashton Kutcher Has New Baby With Someone Other Than Mila Kunis


The practically infallible Ashton kutcher has done it again! He has given birth (not literally of course) to a whole new baby with someone other than Mila Kunis. Yes, this may come as a shock to some, but this new baby is a whole new breed, and can be held and shared by everyone! Ashton Kutcher has gone and created a new digital baby with business partner Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, who is definitely NOT Mila Kunis. Ashton was bought on board by Lenovo as a product engineer. He helped develop a brand new tablet called the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro; and early reviews say it is amazing!

In his first public appearance since the birth of his flesh and blood baby Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, Ashton introduced the new tablet via a livestream with fans this week. Kutcher jokingly referred to the tablet as his “other new baby” to the delight of his audience. The tablet really does have some stellar features, boasting an integrated kickstand that allows it to sit at a variety of angles. The 13.3 inch Android tablet also touts the first ever subwolfer built into a tablet. The amazing sound system and awesome resolution will be a delight for home entertainment. It even has a handy hook feature that allows the device to be hung from just about anywhere. It’s almost like a cool, portable T.V., just smaller and lighter.Kutcher

Many techies and gadget junkies who are fans of the star may find it great that Ashton Kutcher has gone and had a new baby with someone other than Mila Kunis. Because they now get to share in the experience with him and tell everyone that they’ve interacted with Ashton’s new baby, well one of them anyway. A statement like that is sure to elicit stares of disbelief initially. Once people realize that their friends are joking, they just may show some interest in acquiring this new device coming onto the already crowded digital market. Execs over at Lenovo are excited about Ashton’s involvement and hoping to compete with other tablet makers in a way that will bring in new brand recognition.

Ashton Kutcher is of course no stranger to all things tech. He is well known for having an interest in digital development. He has flown to Beijing several times to work with designers and to host open forum focus groups to determine exactly what the public wants from their electronics. He has also famously portrayed the incomparable Steve Jobs in a movie about the iconic moguls life. Kutcher has publicly talked about his admiration for Jobs and has vowed to continue the great mans dream of making great products available to one and all.

Now that Ashton has two new babies on his hands, it will be interesting to see which one makes the bigger splash with the public. So far, the curiosity surrounding baby Wyatt is winning out as we have yet to see a verifiable photo of the infant. Ashton Kutcher may have gone and had a whole new baby with someone other than Mila Kunis, but it is almost a sure bet that both of them will be embraced by the public as both are pretty cute.

Opinion By: Mai Nowlin


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