Amanda Bynes: Alleged Fiance Says They Never Even Dated

The alleged fiancé of troubled actress Amanda Bynes says that they never even dated, much less became engaged. Sources close to the man say that he is baffled by her claims that they are to be married, as he has not even spoken to her in several months.

Caleb Pusey, 19, says that the closest the two ever became was friends, and that this was during their time spent together in the same rehab facility. Pusey has given the statement that while the two were close during their rehabilitation, there was never any kind of romantic attraction between them and he is confused as to why Bynes thought there was. He is said to have found out about their impending marriage at the same time and by the same sources the rest of the public did, through various blogs and interviews the actress gave over the past week.

Bynes spread the word to various media outlets that her and Pusey were engaged, and spent her last few days in New York City sporting a large diamond ring on her hand, although there was speculation it was fake when she was spotted switching it from her right ring finger to her left upon realizing she was being photographed. She expressed her longing to be married and away from everyone, and claimed her and Pusey were interested in starting a family as soon as possible. The actress was adamant that the children were to be boys, as she could not stand to give birth to a good-looking girl, as this would make her extremely jealous.

The 28-year-old was put under her second 5150 psychiatric hold yesterday afternoon, thanks to a carefully planned ruse her parents orchestrated in order to get her the help they were certain she needed. She took a car service from LAX in order to go to her assumed destination, which was to meet her parents and their attorney at a swanky Los Angeles hotel, but was instead taken to a facility in Pasadena where she was greeted by the attorney and several waiting doctors. The doctors immediately placed her under the involuntary hold, which lasts for 72 hours. The hold can be continued for a period of 14 days, during which time her parents are reportedly planning to renew their expired conservatorship. Bynes had originally fled New York City after hearing word that her parents were on their way to take her into treatment, but was eventually coaxed into meeting them with the help of said attorney.

The hold came one week after the California native first arrived in NYC, a week that was spent exhibiting extremely bizarre and worrying behavior that sent her friends and family into a panic about her mental state. She spent the first few days wandering the city with an unexplained bandage over her face, going into stores and coming out empty-handed, and riding her bike somewhat dangerously through Manhattan’s crowded Penn Station area. The day before the 5150 was put in place, Bynes was accused of attempting to shoplift in two separate stores, incidents that took place a mere one hour apart. She did not face any kind of charges for either event, as she did not end up leaving the store with the unpaid items and gave an adequate excuse to security as to why the incident occurred.

It is not yet known why Amanda Bynes claimed to be engaged to Caleb Pusey, or why she went as far as to say they were starting a family. Pusey, however, remains adamant that the two were never more than friends, and that friendship in itself was extremely brief.

By Rebecca Grace


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