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Marvel’s latest event Axis may have just started, but the aftermath is already being seen throughout Uncanny Avenger’s latest roster reveal. What was teased during Marvel’s set at New York Comic Convention was later confirmed by their website. The iconic and well-known team is getting yet another change in the line-up as previewed by Marvel earlier this week. The creative team of writer Rick Remender and art from Daniel Acuna add some familiar faces, former-members from a previous roster, and former villain. The change could be to feature some of the upcoming members that will be apart of the cinematic Avengers: Age of Ultron flick or just shows Marvel’s disinterest in comic series’ numbers’ getting too high-considering their recent revamp of many long-running books.

Set to premiere in January of 2015, the Uncanny Avengers issue one comes right from the fallout of the Axis event. Thanks to Magneto’s tampering and thirst for vengeance, the Red Skull and Onslaught have become one entity. The Red Onslaught used his powers of mind control to manipulate the world to commit violent acts throughout the Marvel Universe. Some Avengers fell under his vicious spell and some fought off his influence of hate. Reaching to the corners of the world, both heroes and villains banded together to stop this mass genocide and make things right with the world. In a desperate hope to stop the Red Onslaught and change his psychotic disposition, Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange banded together to cast a spell to invert his mindset. Through a series of events the spell not only changed Red Onslaught back into the Red Skull, but also changed some of the heroes to villains and vice versa.

Among the characters affected by the change are the Enchantress, Loki, Carnage, Doctor Doom, Hobgoblin, Sabertooth, Iron Man, Absorbing Man, Jack O’ Lantern, Genesis, and Iron Man. Some changed for the better while others changed to more villainous ways. The aftermath of the tampered spell have not yet fully been seen. The inversion will span across the Marvel Universe and there is no telling how long the changes will take place. One of the most significant changes is Sabertooth and Carnage as the heroes and Iron Man as a new villain.

Joining the new Avengers roster, post-Axis, are Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, the new Captain America (former Falcon), estranged android The Vision, X-Man Rogue, former Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Voodoo and well-known psychopath and villain Sabertooth. The new line-up shows that the effects of inversion still apply to some of the baddies (Sabertooth), while others remain unchanged. This line-up is a bit unexpected, but with the recent death of Wolverine, the team needed a muscle that could not die. Sabertooth‘s transformation to a good guy is nothing new to the Marvel books, as his counterpart in the Age of Apocalypse series was also a hero and mentor to one of the series most loved characters, Blink.

Avengers are no strangers to change and changing rosters. This latest series is one of Avengers boldest changes in the lie-up yet. Sabertooth as the new wolverine, without the adamantium claws, the return of the classic twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, and the addition of a Marvel’s less-than-well-known sorcerer Doctor Voodoo should prove to be an interesting mix up of characters. In the prompt for the new book, hitting stores in January, an old foe is set to return to the series and reveal a new secret for two of the classic members. Considering the legal disputes between Fox and Disney/Marvel studios and the use of the word mutant, the iconic twins may get a drastic change in their history as mutants.

By Tyler Cole

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