California Seeing Series of Earthquakes


California has seen a series of small earthquakes occurring just after noon Tuesday. So far, there have been three earthquakes registered. The first one struck at 12:03 pm local time, 26km southeast of Mammoth Lakes. It registered a magnitude of 2.3 at a depth of 6 km. The second struck shortly after at 12:05 pm local time, registering a magnitude of 2.2 at a depth of 18 km. This second in the series hit 37 miles from Fortuna, California. At 12:47 local time, the third struck at Canyon Lake. It registered a magnitude of 1.6, at a depth of 1 km. While none were as significant as the 5.0 magnitude quake which struck Alaska Tuesday morning, this series of small seismic events may not yet be over.

By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of Dennis BickersLicense

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