Candice Accola Has Married Joe King in New Orleans


Candice Accola has married Joe King in the city of New Orleans. The star of The Vampire Diaries and the rocker from the band The Fray held their ceremony Saturday, confirmed several different media sources. They also stated that the wedding was a beautiful event.

Accola’s costars Claire Holt, Paul Wesley, Kayla Ewell, Kat Graham and Michael Trevino all came to see the couple say, “I do.” King, age 34, asked Candice to marry him back in May, 2013. The couple had their first meeting while attending a Super Bowl event. However, it was Accola’s costar Nina Dobrev that would have to end up sealing the deal.

Candice, age 27, explained that she was too shy to give Joe her phone number, so she left it up to Dobrev. Apparently Nina did the right thing in passing on the phone number, and it seems to have been the right move in the end because it appears the marriage was a match meant to be. King is a guitar player for the Grammy nominated group The Fray, and Accola has also shown she can sing as well on The Vampire Diaries. In fact, the pair shared a kiss in the band’s music video Love Don’t Die.

The marriage is the first for Accola and is the second for King. He has two daughters, Elise and Ava, from his first marriage. Many of the actors who were there as guests at the wedding put up numerous photographs on Instagram and they also wrote out lots of loving as well as amusing tweets on their respective Twitter accounts. Most of them spoke about how beautiful the wedding was and also about they loved the city of New Orleans. Some knew the city well and spoke of it while others were not so well acquainted with the area and loved getting to know the place.

Accola also asked her boss to come to her wedding. The Vampire Diaries executive producer, Julie Plec, was also in attendance in the audience. Apparently she enjoyed herself as well because she was reported as tweeting that she loved New Orleans and that the ceremony was a “Vampire wedding and it was Spectacular.” Other tweets were reported to back up what she had to say.

Candice had spoken of her engagement last year when the pair took a trip to Florence, Italy in May, 2013. They got engaged while they were on that vacation. After that, she start showing off her beautiful ring on Instagram. As was stated above, this was the first marriage for her and the second one for her rocker husband. The Super Bowl event Accola and King first met at was the big game where the Green Bay Packers ended up beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25. However, it is unknown if Candice and Joe remember much about that or not.

Accola married King in the glorious city of New Orleans. The television star and the rocker held their ceremony Saturday, confirmed several different media sources. The wedding was reported as being a beautiful affair.

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