Card Wars is the Official Adventure Time Trading Card Game

Adventure Time Card Wars Trading Card Game

Calling all Adventure Time fans and fans of trading card games, the Adventure Time card game is now available. Yes, the card game that Finn and Jake play in the episode Card Wars (season four episode 14) is real and available in both physical and app formats. Ready to summon silliness for the glory?

To be clear, the app version of Card Wars is very different from the physical card game, which is to say that even though the same cards exist in both formats, they do very different things. The app version also has slightly different mechanics that change the overall flow of the game.

Without a doubt, the game shares the creative and wacky personality of the show. Avid fans will be delighted by the actual voice actors continuing their roles in the app version. Many of the cards used in the show can be obtained and used, such examples include the Ancient Scholar, Husker Knights, and the infamous Pig, not to mention the Cornfields and Blue Plains landscapes.

For beginners, the Collector’s Packs are recommended because they come with two battle-ready decks, the landscapes necessary to play, and a rulebook. These packs cost around $19.99 but include everything necessary for two people to learn how to play and have a good time. Booster packs are available for those that wish to dive more into the deck building process and create a more unique and powerful deck. Many of the rarest cards can only be found in booster packs.

Those that have played Magic: The Gathering will find a number of similarities. Card Wars could be addressed as Magic Jr. because it follows some of the same concepts and principles without as much of the complexities. Also, both players start with all of their landscapes out at the beginning of the game.

Currently three different Collector’s Packs are available (many of the cards that come in the Collector’s Packs can not be found in booster packs). The first is the Finn vs. Jake pack and it includes the Blue Plains and Cornfield landscapes. The second set is the BMO vs. Rainicorn pack and it includes Useless Swamp and Sandylands landscapes. The third and newest pack puts Princess Bubblegum against Lumpy Space Princess and brings out the fifth landscape, the Nicelands. If consumers would rather download and print the Nicelands landscapes instead of buying the Collector’s Pack, they can do so from the Cryptozoic link below.

The community is much less happy with the app version than the actual card game for a few reasons. The app version of Card Wars does not allow friends to play against each other. It is possible to play against a friends deck, but it is controlled by the A.I. and not the actual player. Even though it costs money to buy, the Card Wars app follows the free-to-play-model and has a meter that limits how much time can be spent playing consecutively. For a closer look at how the game plays, here is Elly Awesome going through it.

By Garrett Jutte
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