Charlie Sheen Might Come Back to Two and a Half Men

SheenTwo and a Half Men will end after the upcoming season, CBS announced, and this means that the show will be ending with the culmination of its 12th season. Chuck Lorre is planning an ending event for the series finale and according to some rumours, Charlie Sheen might come back to Two and a Half Men in the show’s final episode.

After Nina Tassler, who is the CBS chief, was asked if Sheen is really coming back, she replied that she would like to see whatever Lorre would like to do. He has assured that he has a lot of surprises in store and Tassler deos not know if that is one of them. Well, Sheen definitely wants to come back to Two and a Half Men.

It appears that Charlie did not give up hope just yet, furthermore, he even claims that this is close to happening. In an interview, Sheen told the TV Guide that he has already approached the show. He said that he reached out to them, they reached back and they are now trying to figure out what makes the most sense. If they figure it out like Sheen presented it to them and if they want to include him in some final send-off, Charlie told them that he is available. According to the star, his return would be a sign of good will and a tip of the hat to the fans.

However, since the bridges were pretty severely demolished during Charlie’’s infamous exit from the show in 2011 when he bashed Chuck Lorre and CBS and he then sued Chuck, the network and Warner Bros. TV, his return to the show seems pretty unlikely. Furthermore, when the show returned in fall 2011, Sheen’s character was killed off.

Well, despite all that, Charlie seems to think that his comeback could actually happen. While he was talking to TV Guide, the actor was very complimentary about Lorre, saying that at the end of the day, this guy is a genius. According to Sheen, his comeback could be hunky-dory with just a few hugs and some high-fives and then see you guys on a Friday night.

Furthermore, Sheen also said that it is about time that Two and a Half Men ends its journey. He even has his own vision for how the finale should go down, however, he refused to reveal anything about it by saying that his idea is brilliant, but he does not want to give it away. However, he said that it is the type of moment he thinks that people would talk about for a long time and it would not get in anybody’s way.

While Charlie Sheen thinks that it would be a nice tip of the hat if he returns to Two and a Half Men, CBS show spokeswoman Kate Fisher said that they cannot confirm or comment anything yet. It appears that the fans of the show will just have to wait until the Two and a Half Men series finale to see in Sheen will have his comeback or not.

By: Janette Verdnik

USA Today
TV Guide

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