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Dallas Cowboys

The famous Dallas Cowboys football team is back and looking better than ever, which has some declaring the Cowboys “America’s Team,” bringing back memories of the glory days. Led by some familiar faces such as Quarterback Tony Romo, Running Back DeMarco Murray and Tight End Jason Witten. Coach Jason Garrett also seems to have everything working in his favor this season, as this year’s version of the Dallas Cowboys looks like the real deal.

It is extremely early in the NFL season to start naming serious Super Bowl contenders, but at this time it is conceivable that the Dallas Cowboys could be on their way to a sixth championship ring. Over the past several years, since Tony Romo has taken over as starting quarterback, Dallas has never been short of talent, but things seem to be clicking differently this year. Romo is on fire as he is one of the leagues top statistical quarterbacks so far in the season. He ranks number five among starting quarterbacks in completion percentage (69.5%), number eight in touchdowns (7 passing TDs), and ninth in passer rating (98.7). Beyond the air attack, Dallas has the number one rusher so far in the NFL as their tailback: the bruising DeMarco Murray is averaging 5.4 yards per carry and has already racked up an amazing 534 yards on the ground in five games.

America’s team is no stranger to talent but has also been familiar with disappointment. From Romo’s infamous field goal holding fumble, to the offense’s lack of production coinciding with the defense’s lack of ability to stop other teams from putting up big scoring numbers and missing the playoffs multiple years during Romo’s tenure. However, a big difference this year is that Tony Romo…is… protecting the football! He is making better and quicker decisions and giving his offense a chance to make more plays rather than trying to force a big play to happen when there is not a chance.

The Dallas Cowboys have always been in the spotlight, and most of America wants to see a Cowboy team that is doing well (if not to root for them, at least to see a meaningfully defeat), and Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones would likely have it no other way. It seems, however, that the title of “America’s Team” has been shared with the New England Patriots.

The relationship of struggle for title as America’s Team makes sense as people identify with the Cowboys and the Patriots. The cowboys of the old American west are iconic historical figures, and as the American fighters who won us our freedom in the 1700s are equally, if not more, essential figures in our country’s inception. Now, back to football. As many know, the New England Patriots won three championships in four years in the early 2000s just as the Dallas Cowboys had done in the 1990s. Troy Aikman was a name in the mouths of football fans, and even non-fans knew who he was. The same happened with the Patriots’ Tom Brady, as his celebrity has extended far beyond the sport that made him famous.

The Dallas Cowboys,¬†with the Patriots having their struggles this season and with an assured mental toughness and spike in interest from followers of football, look like they may easily regain their notoriety as “America’s Team” this year. This does mean that IF the Cowboys win the the Super Bowl this year, there will not be a lack of stories that people will tell of how they have always “loved the Cowboys.”

By LaBaron Jackson


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Photo By Doug Wertman

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