Dancing With the Stars on ABC: ‘Switch Up’ Monday [Recap]

Dancing With the Stars

On Dancing With the Stars tonight on ABC, it was Switch Up Monday! Nine celebrities took the dance floor October 13 during this highly entertaining episode, all hoping to remain another week and not get sent home. They did dances where they had different pro dance partners than they usually have, thus “switching” with one of the other celebs. They will also dance new styles of dances that they have not danced yet this season, like Flamenco, Hip-Hop, and Burlesque. Tonight, while judge Len Goodman is still absent, the guest judge was international singing sensation Jessie J!

Jessie J began this episode of Dancing With the Stars by singing a medley of two of her popular hits. She sang Burnin’ Up and Bang Bang as the professional dancers took the stage and did a choreographed dance number. It was a fun and entertaining way to start off tonight’s Switch Up episode. The celebs will go back to having their original pro dance partner next week.

The first couple on Dancing With the Stars tonight was Antonio Sabato Jr. and his dance partner, Allison Holker. They performed a pretty cool Bollywood dance to 1,2,3,4 Get on the Dance Floor by Vishal Dadlani, Sricharan, and Hamsika Iyer that wowed the audience. However, the judges were a bit less impressed. They received a low score of 6 and a high one of 8 and also two 7s for a total of 28/40 points. That is usually a high enough score to ensure that a couple will be safe.

The second couple on Dancing With the Stars was Bethany Mota and her pro dance partner for the night, Mark Ballas. They danced a Hip-Hop dance to Usher’s song She Came to Give It to You. They did a terrific job, and the four judges gave them very respectable scores of straight 8s. Bethany and Mark wound up with an overall score of 32/40 points.

Then, the entertainment continued with the third couple on Dancing With the Stars, Jonathan Bennett and pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd. They danced a Jitterbug dance to Rock This Town by the Stray Cats. This was a cool dance performed to a very cool song. The judges, though, just gave the couple scores of straight 6s, for a rather disappointing overall total of only 24/40 points. Could it be that they will be the couple who are sent home tonight?

The fourth couple to take the stage on Dancing With the Stars was Alfonso Ribeiro and Cheryl Burke, who danced the Flamenco to Angelica by Hans Zimmer. Alfonso has been great with his usual dance partner — how did he fare with Cheryl Burke? Very well, actually — he and Cheryl were awarded scores from the four judges of two 8s and two 9s for an overall total of 34/40 points. That score almost always guarantees a couple is safe.

Then, on Dancing With the Stars, couple number five was Janel Parrish and her dance partner for this Switch Up episode, Artem Chigvintsev. They performed a Burlesque dance to Jessie J’s song Mamma Knows Best. It was a fun and hot number, and the couple were given scores of three 8s and one 9 by the judges, for an overall total of 33/40 possible points.

Couple number six on Dancing With the Stars on ABC tonight was Michael Waltrip and his dance partner for this episode, Witney Carson. Of all the sorts of dances they could have been given to dance, the one they performed tonight was a Disco style number. They performed it to Car Wash by Rose Royce. It did not go so well — they received the lowest scores of the evening, straight 5s, for a total of just 20/40 points. This score generally would almost always guarantee a couple would be leaving at the end of the episode.

The seventh couple on Dancing With the Stars to perform was Tommy Chong and Emma Slater. They performed a Mambo to Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth. Tommy has been doing remarkably well so far this season. However, tonight he and Emma got some of the worst scores of the evening. They received one 5 and three 6s, for an overall total of just 23/40 points. Ordinarily, this low of a score would place them in danger of being eliminated.

There were just two more couples left to go. Couple number eight on Dancing With the Stars was Sadie Robertson and her pro dance partner for the night, Derek Hough. They danced the Charleston to the song Crazy Stupid Love by Cheryl Cole (featuring Tinie Tempah). Sadie has done quite well this season, and is considered one of the favorites to win the Mirror Ball Trophy. She and Derek were perhaps the best dancers of the evening so far. They earned scores of straight 9s from the judges, for an overall total of 36/40 points.

The ninth and last couple to dance on Dancing With the Stars this October 13 on ABC was Lea Thompson and her professional dance partner, Val Chmerkovskiy. They danced a Broadway style dance to You Can’t Stop the Beat from the movie, Hairspray. Lea is also a celebrity who might end up winning the Mirror Ball Trophy at the end of the season. they scored just slightly less than Sadie and Derek, with scores of two 8s and two 9s, for an overall total of 34/40 points.

Who was eliminated tonight of Dancing With the Stars? Ah, nobody — tonight was one of the one or two episodes a season on the series when a celebrity does not get sent home at the end of the episode. Still, the scores that the couples received tonight will be carried over, so the celebs who did not do very well tonight might find that the scores they received tonight will later come back to haunt them…maybe closer to Halloween! It was a great episode, but any episode of Dancing With the Stars that does not end with an elimination is kind of anticlimactic.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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