Infant Girl Trapped Under Dead Father for Three Days

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In Louisiana, an infant girl was trapped under her dead father for three days. She had blistered skin, a dark bruise on her head and was suffering from dehydration when she was discovered on Friday jammed next to the wall and beneath the body of her deceased father, Jason Fields, age 43, explained Sabine Parish Coroner Ron Rivers. This happened in the small town of Pleasant Hill.

Betty Jean Fields, age 10-months, was able to breathe during the ordeal, but it appeared that was with difficulty. The infant could raise her chest up and down, but just barely. Rivers stated that it appeared Fields had been sitting at the edge of the bed and was on his computer when he fell back and died of sudden cardiac arrest. Rivers noted that because he fell on the 10-month-old infant and did not make any attempt to get up off of her shows that he died instantaneously when he dropped down on her.

Deputies were called to the scene of the Fields’ house after the baby’s older brother, age 5, apparently told neighbors he believed that his father had died. The coroner explained how he discovered Fields on the bed and his body had decomposed severely, leaving Rivers to venture that Fields had been deceased a number of days. The infant was flown by helicopter to a medical center in Shreveport, where it was reported that she suffered a seizure when she first arrived. However, now she is reported to be alert and playing with toys, so the hospital believes that she will make a full recovery. At least that is the report according to several different news media reports.

It was reported that the father had a past history of cardiac problems. There was no autopsy performed due to the body’s condition. There was no appearance of any trauma. It appeared that fans were the only source for cooling in the house. The boy was also given a check-up and he appeared not to have suffered any injuries. Rivers stated he did not speak with the older child so he was not clear how the boy got through the days before he was able to go for help. It is unknown if he ate or drank anything or why it took him almost three full days before he went to get help from a neighbor’s home.

Fields’ wife, and the mother of the two children had been incarcerated in a local jail due to misdemeanor charges. She had just a couple more days to serve. She was allowed to go to the hospital on Saturday to check on her infant daughter and son, while under police guard. However, because of the unusual circumstances, it was reported that a local judge allowed her to be released early, news media reports stated. The Fields family exclaimed that they were going through assorted emotions. They were very happy that little Betty had survived, but were sad that Jason had passed away.

By Kimberly Ruble


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