David Bowie’s New Single Released From Upcoming Collection


On Monday, David Bowie released a new single from his expansive upcoming musical collection that catalogs his entire career. The song, Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) was debuted on BBC Radio. While Sue is a new recording from earlier this year, most of the goodies in the new collection are unreleased songs from the span of Bowie’s career. The full collection is being released on Nov. 17, with Sue becoming available on a limited edition vinyl press set for Black Friday’s Record Store Day at the end of November.

Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) is unique for Bowie’s catalog. It is his first offering after 2013’s The Next Day and the respective Extras release that followed. More so, Sue is significantly jazz based, one of Bowie’s first entrances into the genre despite having jazz influence in his records, especially in regard to the late 1970’s Berlin Trilogy. Spanning more than seven minutes, the song plays out like an experimental jazz improvisation, with brief lyrics dispersed across it.

The fanfare surrounding the collection, titled Nothing Has Changed, has been vibrant. Earlier this month, the artist’s album art designer released three different incarnations of art for the record, specifically designed for the two CD, three CD, and vinyl offerings. Bowie is also being highlighted in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art with a critically acclaimed exhibit, Bowie Is. The entire museum has been transformed for the arrival of the exhibit, and Chicago is the only city in the United States to receive it before it travels internationally. Originally, the exhibit had debuted in London to an overwhelmingly positive response.

The new single released from David Bowie’s upcoming collection is not the only brand new song fans can expect. When the single is released on Record Store Day as a special edition vinyl, the B-side of the record will include second brand new song that was recorded this year. That said, the opposite side of Sue will not find its way onto the release of Nothing Has Changed, so it will only be available as a B-side.

The Thin White Duke has made it constantly clear since the release of The Next Day last year that he will not embark on another concert tour. Instead, he has plans to resign himself entirely to different artistic avenues and studio recording. Fans are now beginning to speculate that the jazzy nature of Sue may hint that the legendary performer will pursue the genre in some capacity in the future. Fans and critics are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the B-side of the record which will help gauge the artistic direction of Bowie’s new content.

The release of David Bowie’s new single from his upcoming collection Nothing Has Changed marks the artist’s return to the studio in 2014. With the arrival of a B-side on the horizon, along with the intensity of the press surrounding Bowie with the exhibit, it is clear that the Duke is very far from any form of retirement. In fact, fans are speculating that he has a myriad of other artistic endeavors still in store for them.

By Brett Stewart

Consequence of Sound
Photo by Heart On A Stick – Flickr

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