Death Threats Against Black Chicago Pastor From Pat Quinn Supporters

Black Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks has received death threats
Although Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has already distanced himself from the irresponsible behavior of his supporters, who have vandalized a church in Chicago and made death threats against a black pastor, it hardly speaks well of the kind of people who rally behind Democrat candidates. The disturbing victimization of Pastor Corey Brooks highlights a number of truths, regarding the mindset of so-called ‘liberals.’

The first truth has to do with race; whilst Democrats and their adoring media groupies constantly talk about racism, the dirty little secret that they try to conceal is the constant barrage of racist innuendo and bile they routinely aim at prominent black conservatives – or, for that matter, any black person who expresses support for conservative values. The second truth is that intimidation, threats and – quite often – acts of physical violence are considered, by left-wingers, to be an important part of the electoral process. This, in itself, should give one food for thought: If this is how such people behave when they are fighting to gain power, how would they behave if they had unopposed power?

Little wonder that conservatives so value their Second Amendment rights.

Brooks alleges that he received threatening phone messages Friday, including death threats. He further alleges that the name of Governor Quinn’s Republican opponent, Bruce Rauner, was mentioned. Early Saturday, Brooks’ church was broken into and $8,000 – the proceeds from collections – was stolen. Police are investigating both the threats and the burglary and although no connection between the two has been proven, the pastor believes it too coincidental for there to be no link.

Rauner, who trails the Illinois Governor by a wide margin in polls, came to the defense of the Chicago pastor. With the candidate by his side Sunday, Brooks told a gathering of church members that he had no intention of bowing to intimidation from Pat Quinn supporters. “Can you take a stand when folk are hating on you?” said Brooks. “When people are talking about you? Scandalizing your name? When it’s controversy? When its challenge? That’s the time to take a stand.”

Chicago, controlled by the Democrat Party for many years, is notorious for a number of distinctions; despite having the strictest gun control laws of any major city in the United States, it has one of highest murder rates – with most of the victims being young blacks. The political environment in Chicago has a reputation for corruption, coercion and greed. Like Detroit, it is a city falling apart at the seams as a direct result of gross mismanagement, in addition to local politicians and other government employees lining their pockets at the expense of the city’s residents.

Pat Quinn is reported to have made a brief comment, distancing himself from the events surrounding Brooks. There is no doubt, however, that his own supporters are responsible. Meanwhile, the pastor has had to move his family out of their home. Speaking of the events at a press conference, Rauner said “How can we allow someone to be physically threatened; a family to be intimidated because someone spoke from his heart and made it public how he’s voting in a particular election?”

One would have thought that a black pastor receiving death threats would stir the indignation of tolerance-loving liberals, but this story has made barely a blip on the radar of national news. Corey Brooks is, clearly, a man of principle, but he has stepped off the Democrat plantation and must be punished, it seems.

Opinion by Graham J Noble


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Chicago Sun-Times

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