Democratic Party Staff, Supporters Condoning Voter Fraud in Colorado

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Democratic Party workers in Colorado condone voter fraud
As embattled Colorado Senator Mark Udall fights to hold onto his seat in the upper house, more evidence emerges that Democratic Party operatives and supporters in his own state are condoning voter fraud, in order to ensure his re-election. A newly released video from Project Veritas Action has captured Udall supporters and even Democratic Party campaign workers discussing cases of blatant electoral cheating and welcoming it.

The issue of electoral fraud – commonly referred to by the media as voter fraud – is a heavily partisan issue, with conservatives discussing ways to prevent it, whilst liberals insist that it simply doesn’t happen. Numerous individuals across the United States, however, have already been investigated and, in some cases, prosecuted for various types of electoral fraud.

Project Veritas Action went undercover in Boulder, Colorado – a Democrat stronghold – and approached Democrats with various fictitious tales of seeking ways to obtain as many votes as possible for their candidates in time for the approaching midterm elections. Although the investigators themselves clearly engaged in what can only be described as entrapment, by proposing fraudulent practices and then filming the reactions, the level of dishonesty willingly – and almost casually – accepted by these Democratic Party supporters and volunteers is in no way diminished; rather than rebuff the intentions to engage in fraudulent voting – or even simply refuse to help – these Democrats enthusiastically encouraged the deception.

The culprits, in this case, were the non-profit Work For Progress, a Greenpeace staffer and a campaign worker for Democrat Joe Salazar, a Colorado legislator. Work for Progress is, basically, a Progressive employment agency. It hires ‘like-minded’ people to work for various leftist organizations and political campaigns. The organization’s director, Meredith Hicks, showed great enthusiasm for the practice of fraudulently submitting ballots in Colorado. James O’Keefe, who posed as a Democratic activist, met with Hicks to discuss the idea and filmed the conversation with a hidden camera. He suggested to Hicks that discarded ballots should be collected, filled out and mailed in “so that we can get as many votes as possible.” Hicks’ reaction to this idea – which is, very clearly, voter fraud – was to say “That’s not even lying or stealing, if someone throws out the ballot. If you want to fill it out you should do it.” In Ms. Hicks’ defense, she may not understand how elections work, in which case her organization would do well to appoint a new director. The idea that one would take a discarded ballot, fill it out and mail it in as a legitimate vote, however, demonstrates a complete lack of regard for a fair and democratic process.

This very idea, however, was also cheerfully condoned by Christen Topping, a paid staffer at Greenpeace, who was also captured on the undercover video. Topping is backing Democratic Senator Udall. Topping went so far as to indicate to the investigative reporters where they might be able to find a lot of discarded ballot papers in trash cans. She suggested a predominantly black and Hispanic area of Aurora, Colorado, which she described as “ghetto Aurora,” and went on to say of the residents in that area “they just…kind of like lower class…”

In another segment of the video, Nicole Hanlen, a campaign staffer for State Representative Salazar, is asked how it might be possible for two people to vote in Colorado; two people who had, the undercover investigator tells her, already voted in their home state of Oregon. Hanlen tells the investigator where they needed to go to register and says “I think you can try it out. I don’t know if it will work but you can try it.”

Colorado is one of the few states that has an all-mail-in ballot process. Such a system is, obviously, open to rampant fraud. Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler told O’Keefe “I think historically when you look at it, one of the most popular avenues for voter fraud is mail ballot.”

Two things, at least, can be confidently surmised from this piece of investigative journalism: That Democratic Party staffers and supporters are quite comfortable with the idea of voter fraud if it gets Democrats elected and, additionally, that Greenpeace has at least one racist on the payroll.

Opinion by Graham J Noble


Project Veritas Action