Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady Goes For the Scare



In last night’s episode of Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady, the show left humor in an antiquated drawer and the episode goes instead for the scare in a big way. The plot of the episode also went for the heartstrings when it turned out that Katrina has been keeping a few secrets from Ichabod and he was definitely not pleased to learn that his wife had been very frugal with the truth. Before this disturbing news, Abraham, aka the Headless Horseman, is convinced that Katrina Crane is using her substantial magical gifts as a witch to make contact with her husband.

The first horseman approaches Henry Parrish and asks for his help. It is Ichabod’s son who sets things in motion for the weeping lady to appear. The first victim of this shrieking spectre was the adorable seamstress with a Crane crush, Caroline – played by Laura Spencer who can also be seen, alive and well, in Bones as Jessica Warren and in The Big Bang Theory as Emily Sweeney – who is dispatched so quickly by the terrifying ghost that her “founding fathers” coffee cup goes with her.

Later in the show, Lt. Abbie Mills meets the weeping woman and the cop manages to squeeze off a round before the thing tries to drown her in the river which has suddenly appeared underneath the floor of the Sleepy Hollow town library. Even in broad daylight the show goes successfully for the scare, the scene also gives the series’ newest regular Nick Hawley, played by Matt Barr (Parkland, The House Bunny) a chance to save Mills with a little “mouth to mouth.”

Ichabod takes a trip down memory lane, Katrina “does a Disney” and gets a feathered friend to deliver a note to her beloved, although she does this sans song, and the weeping woman from the Sleepy Hollow of old turns out to be a bunny boiler of the finest order, it is amazing that her name is not Alex instead of Mary. The former lover of Crane’s has gotten worse since becoming a ghost, going after every woman she thinks is interested in Ichabod.

By the end of the show, Katrina manages to escape back to present day Sleepy Hollow, with the inadvertent help of the weeping lady, aka Mary, but Ichabod almost gets sliced in two by Abraham who is a bit on the jealous and possessive side. Crane’s wife swears she will go back with the headless horseman if he spares her love. The irony in this scene is that Abbie Mills’ partner is not overly pleased with the news that his wife knew Mary and also knew that the woman was dead, when he himself did not.

While Sleepy Hollow this week goes for the scares, with the weeping lady not only being loud, fast, and pretty intensely frightening, the series looks to be allowing some cracks to appear in Ichabod’s eternal love story with Katrina. When Mary Wells, played by Heather Lind (A Single Shot, Turn: Washington’s Spies) finally finds “peace” Katrina looks guilty and evasive. Crane is not happy and Henry Parrish gets punished for thinking without permission. Sleepy Hollow was delightfully creepy this week and guest star Lind should complain about the stunt double they used in the river sequence, the double’s feet were enormous and made Heather look like she is related to clan Sasquatch.

By Michael Smith