Derek Hough Was Bullied Cruelly Now Wants Babies

Derek Hough

Derek Hough of the popular ABC hit, Dancing With the Stars, opened up recently to the media about how he was bullied cruelly as a child and was even tied up in ties and punched in the face and stomach. He has successfully put the past behind him, except for the bad memories, and is now one of the hottest pro dancers in Hollywood and he would like to settle down, get married and have babies, according to an interview he did with People.

Growing up in Utah, Derek Hough, 29, did not know exactly why he was bullied so cruelly, but he eventually found some solace when he began taking dance lessons, which built up his confidence and today has made him one of the most popular and well-liked professional dancers on Dancing With the Stars and in all of Hollywood.

Hough spoke to a reporter from People on Friday at the 10th annual GLSEN Respect Awards. Among the many other celebs there, Julia Roberts was in attendance and walked away with the humanitarian award.

Derek Hough, who received the Inspiration Award at the event from a LGBT student advocacy group, thinks that the people who bullied him must have, themselves, lacked self-esteem. Looking back on the bullying he suffered, without telling anyone about what was going on, he reasoned that the people who bullied him were not “happy with themselves” and added that people like that “don’t love who they are.”

Hough admitted that he was afraid to tell anyone what the bullies were doing to him, saying “I kept it to myself.”

At the time the bullying occurred, Derek Hough had to live through it, and it was not a pleasant experience, to say the least. He stated that the bullying “was very physical, it was very aggressive,” but that the key to being able to get over such traumatic experiences is “loving who you are and being true to who you are.” Hough eventually forgave the people who bullied him, but that does not erase the bad memories.

Eventually, the bullying got so bad that his family decided to move. Dance became, for Derek Hough, his “safe place,” the place where he could “grow and flourish” and discover who he was, “find those answers,” for himself.

Derek Hough, who has also written an autobiography, Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion, said that he would now like to become a father and start up a family. There is not much time in his busy schedule to date, but Derek has stated that “I want babies” and also that he is “eligible.”

Besides being a professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars and an author, Derek Hough has also added acting, singing, and flipping houses to his growing list of accomplishments. He had a guest spot on the hit TV series, Nashville, sings and flips houses with his best friend, Mark Ballas, who is one of the other professional dancers on Dancing With the Stars.

Derek Hough said in his acceptance speech when he received the Inspiration Award that he now knows “the worst thing you can do is suffer in silence.” The suffering is made worse by “carrying the burden alone.” He added that the “most powerful weapon” that people have in such cases “is your voice.”

Fortunately for Derek Hough and his millions of fans, he somehow managed to find the strength to move on with his life and forgive his tormentors even though he was bullied cruelly. Now, Hough would like to get married, start up a family and have babies. He also enjoys giving back to others and working with celebrities, improving their dancing skills on Dancing With the Stars. The bullying was not anything anyone should have to endure, but the one good thing it led him to was his love of dancing.

Written By Douglas Cobb

People Magazine
E! Online

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