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Bedlam Kickstarter Needs Help [Video]


Bedlam Kickstarter Needs Help [Video]

With just under a week until the end of their kickstarter, Skyshine Games needs help to create a game strategy fans and dungeon crawlers will flock to. The title is Bedlam, and those that are unfamiliar desperately need to watch the trailer below. Currently, the project has more than 3,600 backers and just over $100,000. With six days left, will the team reach their goal of $130,000?

Hopefully. that trailer cleared things up a bit, but to be clear, Bedlam is a single-player roguelike RPG that utilizes “The Banner Saga” engine and is set to release on PC and Mac. The turn-based combat is fast and unexpected. The blitz battle system revolves around the crew and dozer to take down enemies and control the winds of battle. Combat is described as “carnage-filled chess.”

A mysterious individual known as the Mechanic is discovered within a forgotten dozer and revived. As the Mechanic, it is the players duty to command the crew, improve the dozer, and safely transport passengers through the desert wasteland that is Bedlam. Imagine permadeath Xcom. The stakes are high, but those that manage to finish the game can risk it all in New Game plus (+). In the end, the total reputation and reward received depend upon how the game went, how many passengers made the journey and how many did not.

Inspired by 80’s Sci fi movies and comic books? Better believe it, the kickstarter page even has a few nods to Evil Dead.

“This oozes awesome…” Cliff Bleszinski

The metropolis that is Bysantine has become overcrowded yet is the only safe place because outside the walls of the city, the desert of Bedlam awaits. With the help of a tremendous dozer called Boneshaker, the Mechanic leads his crew in an attempt to safely transport passengers to the distant utopia that is Aztec City. The three resources most needed to stay alive and keep the dozer running are metal, meat, and crude. Such materials can be found anywhere and everywhere, from battle ravaged corpses to random events.

Skyshine Games was founded in 2014 by only three individuals., artist John Mueller, A.I Programmer Jeff Johnson, and Animator Sam Gage. Collectively, they have influenced such titles as Darksiders, Judege Dredd (pinball machine), NFL Blitz and many more. Bedlam is being composed by Kevin Riepl, who has worked on not only Twisted Metal: Black, but also Gears of War, Crackdown 2, and even the show Invader Zim.

Now, the team has quite a way to go before they hit their minimum goal of $130,000. They also have a number of stretch goals that include more music, characters, and arenas. In truth, some of the stretch goals were created with the voting and suggestions of the backers. That being said, suggestions are still being taken. Most of the stretch goals actually become available in increments of $5,000 after the minimum and until it the goal of $160,000, at which point the team will create a new Bedlam Boss.

If the system is unclear or the craving to know more has taken over, the team has been posting updates on their Kickstarter page. With some help, this ambitious game can become reality.

By Garrett Jutte
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