‘Destiny’ Weekly Update Changes the Arsenal


Destiny, having their weekly update in congruence with the Playstation Store update, is making some changes to many Guardians’ arsenals. Some weapon types will now play weaker with more disadvantages, while others will be more powered and give players a reason to test them out. The Iron Banner, which some claim has been a disappointment, is also coming to a close, but Bungie has hinted that this event may be coming back soon. On top of all these fixes, the world-famous “loot caves” should also be patched out of existence across all four worlds.

The majority of this “hotfix” Bungie is rolling out for Destiny revolves around the rebalancing of several individual weapons and weapon classes as a whole. Scout rifles, often written off as a gun type, have received a boost in damage of up to 25 percent depending on the tier of weapon. On top of the damage buff, those using a scout rifle also will find themselves locking to targets at a greater speed. Auto rifles are being “nerfed,” or having their stats lessened, by two percent in overall damage, and maximum damage at the weapon’s furthest range now lessens by 20 percent. The headshot damage multiplier is tweaked from 1.5 to 1.25 and stability when firing has lessened at a rate between four and 17 percent.

Shotguns, a much maligned topic in Destiny multiplayer action, are also lessening under the weight of this fix. The popular weapon type is having its effective range cut down coupled with a decrease in damage at the edge of that range by 20 percent. Hand cannons will be more accurate when being fired from mid-air, and rocket launchers and machine guns remain unchanged.

This weekly update is taking away a large chunk of the power behind what is probably the most powerful weapon in Destiny so far, the Vex Mythoclast. A pulse rifle that works like a primary weapon, the Mythoclast is hated by those without one because of the low charge time and almost instant death brought by any single bullet storm. This patch cuts the weapon’s power by a full 34 percent, but also raises the headshot damage multiplier to 1.5. This gun is still one of the rarest in the game with only those that finish the Vault of Glass raid having access, and only a small percentage of players have even been able to finish that lengthy mission.

The Vault of Glass, among other bits and pieces throughout Destiny, is going through tweaks to keep players from exploiting certain oversights. The Vault itself is changed so that the relic will be removed and respawned should the holder leave the playable area, and a “kill volume” was added to certain sniper platforms to eliminate excessive use. Every loot cave Bungie could find is also closed with the Fallen, apparently, “retreated from their control of the Rocket Yard,” meaning the Earth loot cave, at very least, is history. The Iron Banner is also on the way out for now thanks to this update, and with the comments of Bungie themselves, there is some community feedback that is being taken into consideration before the Banner returns. This fix for Destiny levels the playing field a bit for those that have yet to access the Vault or enjoy playing multiplayer matches with fewer one-hit kills.

By Myles Gann

Game Informer
Gamespot via Yahoo
Destiny Database
Guardian Liberty Voice

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